Simplify Your Holiday Party Planning with Mesero

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Hosting a fun and memorable holiday party is no easy feat. Between making sure you have enough food for everyone to ensuring that all of your guests feel welcomed, the stress of it all has deterred many a party planner from hosting their own holiday party. What if we told you that we have the perfect solution for stress-free party planning?

Save Time

Rather than spending boatloads of time developing a menu, shopping for ingredients, and whipping up a meal for all of your guests – leave it to the Mesero catering team. You won’t have to worry about meeting all of the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests or keeping food at just the right temperature, you can leave that to us. Best of all? You’ll save yourself plenty of valuable time during the busiest time of year.

Steamline the Night

Running around at the last minute looking for matching serving spoons or realizing at the last second you don’t have enough plates is enough to set anyone into a panic. By hiring our professional team, you’ve streamlined the night for yourself and your guests. We’ll bring the mouthwatering food and handle the presentation to give you the space to pay attention to the many details involved in holiday party planning. Do you feel like you can handle the presentation? Our flexible options give you the option between full catering, delivery, set up & go, or picking up the prepared food yourself!

Most importantly, planning your holiday party with some help from Mesero frees you up to enjoy your own party. Spend less time fretting about keeping the queso perfectly gooey and more time welcoming and socializing with your guests. When you’re planning your holiday party, look to Mesero for all of your catering needs. We’re well-versed in events of any size, complete our contact form to officially kick off planning for what’s sure to be the holiday party of the year.

‘Tis Tamale Season!

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While we crave a hot tamale just about any day of the year, we think of the holiday season as tamale season. That is, the optimal time to tamales that are made from scratch, light and packed with flavor!

A Marriage of Texture & Taste

Unwrapping a Mesero tamale is one of the best (certainly the most delicious) gift you’ll open this season. Like every dish we make here at Mesero, you can taste the freshness with just one bite of our famous tamales. Made fresh every day, our hot tamales are made from scratch for that hard-to-find homemade taste. Served two per an order, you have plenty of room to customize your tamale order to get exactly what you’re craving. Full of love and plenty of guajillo pork, you’re likely to want to share a delicious bite with your friends and family. Our tamales can be topped with the sauce of your choice. Two of our personal favorites are our roasted tomatillo sauce and a rojo sauce you’ll want to write home about. Fret not – regardless of what sauce you top your tamales with, we’ll drizzle it with our fresh crema. A cup of our spicy salsa serves as the perfect complement to tamales that will make you forget you’re not the only person in the room.

A Perfect Pairing

If you’re looking for the ideal libation to pair with your tamales, there is likely no choice more appropriate than a margarita. We’re big fans of our Micorita, made from Tequila Herradura “El Jimador” and served either frozen or on the rocks.

It’s no wonder that tamales have truly stood the test of time, they represent all that we appreciate about comfort food, this Mexican staple is hearty, delicious and – of course – comforting. Visit any Mesero locations to fully appreciate the perfect marriage of texture and taste that is a Mesero tamale!

No Tricks, Just Treats

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Check the tricks at the door when you walk into Mesero, we’re all about treats around here on Halloween. If the spookiest holiday of the year doesn’t serve as the perfect excuse to satisfy that mean sweet tooth, what holiday does? Nothing makes the creepiness of Halloween more comforting than a sweet treat. Whether you’re looking for delicious postres mexicanos or fresh libations, we’ve got what you need at Mesero.

Sweet Postres

You’ll have a hard time choosing between our three equally delicious postres dishes. Our cinco leches is one of our favorite, ultra-decadent cakes. In the mood for something nutty? Take our word for it and order a slice (or two) of our carrot cake. Rich in nuts, carrots, and raisins, it’s a respectable way to wrap up any meal. Last but most certainly not least, our chocoflan. As authentic as it gets, our rich chocolate flan has just enough caramel-chocolate goodness to leave you wanting more

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Fresh Libations

Who said that your sweet treat has to be a traditional dessert? A fresh libation is the perfect way to close out a night out with all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Our sangre real is just sweet enough – made with milagro reposado, Cointreau, ginger, and blood orange for just enough citrus. For a more subtle take on a sweet cocktail, try the Jalapina cocktail. Crafted with herradura reposado, pina fresco, jalaeno, Cointreau, and citrus – it’s a Mesero favorite. It goes without saying that frozé is a good idea, holiday or not.  

Whether you have Halloween plans yet or not, we’d love to host you at Mesero on Wednesday. Costumes are strongly encouraged, we promise to keep churning out sweet treats all night.

Mesero Voted a Best Tex Mex Restaurant by USA Today!

Did you hear? USA Today recently recognized us as one of the best spots for Tex-Mex in all of Dallas! The team here at Mesero is proud and honored to be recognized with such an incredible distinction by the publication.


From USA Today

USA Today expressed a deep appreciation for some of our beloved Tex-Mex classics, like our Queso Fundido. We melt queso chihuahua in an iron skillet, add Mexican chorizo, papita and onion to craft a mouthwatering dish, meant to be shared or scarfed down all on your own. Prepped tableside with only the freshest ingredients, the gooey and indulgent dish is served with fresh tortillas. The publication also gave a nod to our refined cooking techniques and the elevated dishes that have resulted. Founded by Mico Rodriguez, who got his start at Tex-Mex icon Mia’s – we have now grown to five locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Thoughts from CEO Trey Dyer

Our CEO, Trey Dyer was thoughtfully quoted in the article as stating, “Every region of the country has its comfort food, and Tex-Mex is ours. Tex-Mex is a food group all its own. There are many styles of barbecue, but there’s only one Tex-Mex. Everybody knows what Tex-Mex is because we all grew up eating it.”

Our blend of Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired cuisine has been appreciated near and far. Whether you’re in the mood for our gooey queso dishes or a refreshing cocktail, we’ve got you covered. Visit any one of our five Dallas-Fort Worth locations to see what all the hype is about. Be sure to let us know if you agree with USA Today’s distinction as one of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas.  You can read the full article from USA Today here.

Why Mesero is a Top Catering Choice

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Mouthwatering food has been (and always will) be a key element to hosting an event for the books. Many of our clients entrust us to handle food so that they can focus on being welcoming hosts. Why exactly is Mesero a top catering choice for so many? We thought you’d never ask!

Flexible Options

We understand how wildly different the needs of our clients are, that’s why we created a catering program that’s flexible enough to meet the specific needs of events of all sizes. Choose between full service catering, delivery, set up & go or simply pick everything up yourself. Regardless of your budget or the number of guests you’re hosting, we’ve got you covered. If you’re not sure that your private space is conducive to hosting, consider holding a private event at any one of our five unique locations.

Extensive Menu

Two of our favorite menu options when ordering for a crew are enchiladas and tacos. Our catering menu has tons of options that you can order by the dozen. We also have fajitas available, that can be ordered per person for either lunch or dinner. Tons of side options, house-made salsas, side salads and desserts can be added to round out a truly solid catering order. We can even craft made-to-order margaritas on the rocks, just let our catering consultant know you’d like to learn more about our Bar and Beverage offerings.

You can still host a hand-crafted lunch or dinner without doing the hand-crafting all on your own. Bring your friends and family into the Mesero fold by hiring us to manage your next catering need. Initiate your catering order by completing this simple contact form on our website. Our catering consultant will reach out shortly to sort out the specifics with you.  

Celebrating American Life with Mexican Spirit

With a “Mexican Spirit. American Life.” slogan, here at Mesero we embrace everything we love and respect about the intersection of these two distinct cultures. If you haven’t dabbled with what we’ve dubbed the American Side of our menu, you’re truly missing out. Order any of the three beloved dishes below and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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The “Rose” Burger

Burgers. One of the most (if not the most) quintessential American dish. Named a top burger in the great state of Texas by Texas Monthly, our legendary “Rose” burger is one you need to taste yourself to fully appreciate. By doubling up on just about every ingredient, it serves heaps of flavor with every bite. Served between a fresh bun, we double up burger meat and double cheese for that extra melty goodness. Stacked iceberg lettuce, thick slices of tomato and the zing offered by pickles round out this award winning Mesero specialty. Naturally, we serve the “Rose” with a side of house fries.

The Big “D” Dog

The American side of our menu would be incomplete without America’s favorite sausage – the hotdog. Our spin on a hotdog is the Big “D” Dog. A quarter pound of kobe beef is served up on a fresh brioche bun. Not enough protein for you? Not to worry, we top it chili and cheddar cheese. We highly recommend using your house fries to scoop up any delicious bits that may fall out mid-bite.

Crispy Half Chicken

Served only during dinner time, our Crispy Half Chicken is a truly special treat. Finished in a cast iron skillet gives it a crispiness that’s hard to replicate. No house fries with this healthy option but we do serve it with grilled, in season veggies. Be sure to give us a call to have yours reserved.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in for lunch or dinner!

Delicioso Dishes We're Serving Up for Lunch

For a meal that is mouthwateringly good, visit Mesero for lunch. Be warned, the delicioso dishes we’re about to detail are likely to prompt a rumbly in your tumbly.

Community Dishes

Munching on one of our community, appetizer-style dishes can make for the perfect option for lunch. Our shrimp ceviche is a perfect, citrus-marinated, option. Tiger shrimp is served with jalapeño pepper, heirloom grape tomato, green onion, avocado, and fresh cilantro.

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You can’t go wrong with a couple (or a dozen) tacos for lunch. Two of our favorites are our brisket tacos and our crispy “dailey” fish a la playa. Oven-roasted and slow-cooked, just thinking about our brisket is making us drool. Served with  tomatillo sauce, queso chihuahua, onion, cilantro, mesero slaw, and arroz rojo, they are a perfectly well-rounded option. For those preferring a fish option, give our crispy “dailey” fish a la playa a try. Our fish of the day is tempura battered and served with roasted corn, tomato, jalapeño ranch, mesero slaw, and arroz blanco, yum!


Our salads are the perfect antidote to a weekend of overindulging. Our cazera salad is the perfect option if you’re looking for a salad that’s refreshing yet filling. Served on a bed of romaine lettuce and mixed greens, it’s topped with applewood-smoked bacon, red onion, heirloom grape tomato, roasted corn, avocado vinaigrette, queso de oaxaca, and tortilla strips for some crunch. For a lighter salad option, opt for the hollywood cobb salad. Also served with romaine lettuce and mixed greens, it’s the perfect blend of applewood-smoked bacon, egg, avocado, heirloom grape tomato, and tortilla strips. It’s tossed in a jalapeno ranch dressing that has the slightest bite.

We’re dishing up tons of food you’re sure to appreciate, whether you’re visiting us for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

Seven Cocktails to Try on Thirsty Thursday

For all of those looking to kick their weekend shenanigans off a day early, there’s thirsty thursday. We’ve cherry-picked seven cocktails to try this Thirsty Thursday, or any day of the week, really!

Berry Street

Our Berry Street cocktail is the perfect way to ease into a thirsty thursday celebration. Our bartenders craft it from our beloved micorita, frozen and combine it with a house-made blueberry puree liquor. Tequila and berries make for an ultra refreshing duo.

El Diablo

For those looking to cut straight to the chase, might we suggest the El Diablo? Riffing off of our berry-based concoctions, the El Diablo is made of a berry-basil smash mixed with one of our favorite bourbons, Devils Rivers.

Sangre Real

Milagro’s triple-distilled tequila serves as the optimal foundation for our Sangre Real. When combined with cointreau, ginger, and blood orange, this is a cocktail you’ll have a hard time sipping slowly.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.58.01 AM.png


Calling all those who appreciate a kick to their cocktails. Our Jalapina cocktail has just enough bite. Created with Herradura reposado, refreshing pina fresco, jalapeno, cointreau, and a tad more citrus, it’s a solid choice.


Our highly-lauded micorita is always a good idea. Served frozen or on the rocks, it is crafted with El Jimador tequila either frozen or on the rocks.

Size 2

Equal parts refreshing and delicious is our Size 2 cocktail. Crafted with Jimador silver, citrus, and splenda, it is the optimal selection for thursday thursdayers closely watching their waistline. The Size 2 can be served frozen or on the rocks!


Anyone that declares that Froze is reserved for the hot summer months is loony, we declare! Served with frozen rose, vodka, and licor, Froze happens to make for a top-notch Thirsty Thursday choice, too!

Still making plans for Thirsty Thursday this week? Head over and visit us, the seven cocktails we’ve highlighted are just a few from our extensive drink menu.