The Perfect Sunday Funday at Mesero

With Monday closing in fast, Sunday serves as the perfect opportunity to pack lots of activity in before another work week. A proper Sunday Funday is centered around the perfect venue and features great food and drinks.

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Rally Your Friends

An unspoken Sunday Funday rule is that there should be lots of friends involved! Rally up your friends and family to close out the weekend perfectly at Mesero, where we enjoy bringing people together. We recommend kicking off the day with a selection of a few community items. You can't go wrong with our quest tejano or our nachos conocidos. If you're torn between a few menu options, the trio comes with a choice of queso, guacamole and our roxie salad.

Let the Libations Flow

Crank up the heat out the gate with an order of our La Picosa cocktail, featuring serrano pepper. For something a bit more sweet, try our Berry Street cocktail. Remember, Sunday Funday lasts the better part of the day so pace yourself appropriately! If anyone in your crew isn't in the mood for a cocktail, we have an extensive wine list and a number of cold brews.

Las Combinaciones

Round out your time at Mesero and order one (or all five) of our Las Combinaciones to try a little bit of everything. Las Combinaciones 3 is a fan favorite and comes with roja enchilada, shrimp taco, mesero slaw and arroz blanco. If you're trying to munch on grub all day, start out with a small taco order and you can always close out your Sunday Funday with some cheesy enchiladas.

Before the chaos of the work weeks kicks off, max out the boundless potential of your Sunday and celebrate Sunday Funday, Mesero style! We'll see you this weekend.

Spotlight on Fresh Summer Offerings

With summer just around the bend, many of us start craving some fresh food and libations to cool us down from that hot summer heat. 

Brunch It Up

Available on our brunch menu, the avocado toast we whip up at Mesero is a perfectly balanced and light breakfast option. Mashed avocado is served up on open-faced multi-grain bread with tomato, egg slices, spinach and aioli. It even comes with a side of a roxie salad, which we craft with quinoa, pico and avocado! If you’re not visiting us for brunch but craving something avocado-based, you can’t go wrong with an order of our clasico or tipico guacamole. 


Light Salad Options

It doesn’t get much more refreshing than our campesina salad. Tossed in our balsamic vinaigrette, it comes with baby arugula, golden and red beet, toasted pecan, caramelized pear and goat cheese. Our goat cheese is black-peppered with coarsely ground pepper. For a more simple take, try the del corazon. Hearts of palm, avocado, bibb lettuce and heirloom grape tomato represent the perfect blend in a salad tossed with our house-made vinaigrette. 

Salsa for Days

Here at Mesero we’ve got salsa for days. With six equally refreshing choices, you truly can’t go wrong. Our pachi pachi salsa is made of green tomato, red tomato and chile de arbol. The classic mesero salsa is made up of red and green tomato, avocado, onion and queso fresco. 

Comfort Food 

Not every summer day is filled with sunshine. For those rainy days that you’re just in the mood for something soothing and warm, try our sopa de fideo. We make it from avocado, chile morita, crispy onion, fideo and tomato-infused chicken broth. The crispy half chicken entree on our dinner menu is a hearty option paired with grilled seasonal vegetables. We oven-roast the chicken and finish it in a cast iron skillet for some added crisp. 

All Things Freshly Caught On National Go Fishing Day!

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Bait your hook and hit the water on National Go Fishing Day on June 18! Whether your casting your line out this upcoming Monday or not, we’d be happy to welcome you at Mesero for some celebrating, where we’re always serving up freshly caught fish. 

Shrimp Ceviche 

Although they won’t be biting on any hooks, we couldn’t help but include our favorite crustacean on this list, too! Our shrimp ceviche is refreshing with major depth of flavor. We make it by marinating fresh tiger shrimp in citrus, jalapeño pepper, heirloom grape tomato, green onion, avocado and fresh cilantro. 

Salmon A La Plancha 

Available for dinner and a small lunch portion, it comes as no surprise that our salmon a la plancha is a favorite principale among our guests. Blackened patagonian salmon is served with sautéed bell peppers, red cabbage, mushroom, roasted corn, poblano pepper and, of course, arroz blanco! Although poblano peppers aren’t as spicy as they look, since the salmon is blackened this dish does have some kick. 

Crispy “Dailey” Fish A La Playa 

Catch some big flavor when you order our crispy “dailey” fish a la playa. Served on arroz blanco, these tacos are tempura battered and served with roasted corn, tomato, jalapeño ranch and our special mesero slaw. If you’re more in the mood for shrimp, our camaron tacos come with perfectly sautéed  garlic shrimp, roasted poblano peppers, onion, chile aioli and mesero slaw. They too are served up with arroz blanco for a perfectly well-balanced meal!


A simple dish comprising of only a few ingredients, our halibut could not be more appropriate for National Go Fishing Day. Prepared on the grill, our halibut is served with sautéed green beans, guajillo chili and fingerling potatoes. 

There you have it, four perfect Mesero offerings to celebrate all things freshly caught! 

Why Every Dad Loves Mesero

Taking Dad to the best Mexican restaurant in Dallas is a surefire way to put a smile on his face this Father’s Day. On a day dedicated to celebrating all things Dad, bring him to a restaurant every Dad loves! 

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Best Tex-Mex Food 

When you bring Dad to Mesero to celebrate Father’s Day, he’ll happily chown down on the best Tex-Mex food around. Seriously, how could he not find something satisfying on the Mesero food menu? Whether he has a mean hankering for tacos, enchiladas or any other savory menu option, he’ll find it here. If you’ve got a big group celebrating Dad this year, order a few community options to share. We highly recommend our nachos or ceviche. If you’re dining with a large enough group, we challenge you to try all of our queso options. 

Dynamic Bar Menu 

Featuring unique cocktails, an extensive wine list and cold beer, our dynamic bar menu has something for every Dad. Whether he’s in the mood for deep red malbec like the Norton Reserva or a simple chilled Bud Light, we’ve got him covered. A favorite among Dad’s, our El Diablo cocktail, gets a lot of love. With a devils river bourbon base, it’s served with our house-made berry-basil smash making it the pinnacle of refreshing. For all the Dad’s out there that appreciate some heat in their drinks, we recommend the la picosa. One of our favorite agave tequilas, herradura is mixed with fresh citrus and serrano pepper. 

Six Locations 

We know how busy life as a Dad is. Our six different locations make it easier than every to build in some time for some refueling at Mesero over lunch or over dinner. We have six convenient locations, one off of Henderson Avenue, in Inwood Village, in Prestonwood, off of McKinney Avenue, in Legacy West and in Fort Worth at Clearfork. 

Join the Mesero Family

Do you have a passion for top-notch Tex Mex food and quality service? You may be well-suited for a job opportunity at Mesero! Serving the best Mexican food in Dallas across our 6 locations, we’re always looking for those who may be just the right fit for positions at our restaurants.

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Mesero Pride

Our employees take great pride in working at Mesero and that pride is evident in everything that they do. Always putting their best foot forward, our team members are passionate about what they do, dedicated to their craft and bring a positive attitude each and every day. If you’re looking to work for a company that is as dedicated to its employees as it is to the customers that walk through our doors, you’ve come to the right place!

Quality Product and Service

A phrase that truly defines the experience we have created at Mesero is Mexican Spirit American Life. You’ll find this vision drives all that we do here at Mesero, from the hand-selected aesthetics to the guest experience we consistently create across all locations. It serves as the foundation for our carefully curated men, which is best described as featuring quality Tex Mex food with flair.

Variety of Positions

Whether you’re searching for a front-of-house or back-of-house opportunity, both are fast-paced opportunities. This type of environment is the ideal setting for those willing to work hard while having fun and building strong relationships with their co-workers. There’s a reason we call it the Mesero family, it captures the essence of the family-oriented environment at our company! If you’re still reading this and are feeling fired up about what the Mesero brand is all about and who we are looking for, then the answer is you! We’d like to learn more about you and what you’re looking for to see if we’d be a good fit for one another. Visit the jobs section of our website to explore open opportunities.

Join Us for the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Celebration

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From your friends here at Mesero, we wish you a very happy Cinco de Mayo! You’ll find team members across all of our six locations donning sombreros, bringing plenty of celebratory spirit and, as always, committed to providing stellar service. 

Serious question. What proper fiesta would be complete without a visit to the restaurant known for serving up the best Tex-Mex food in Dallas? With incredible food across the board and world class margaritas, Mesero is undoubtedly the top choice for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. 

We’ve even been working on concocting something extra special behind the bar. In celebration of one of our favorite holidays, we’re launching our La Selección margarita! Crafted from a single batch of double barreled Reposado, this is a truly unique libation. What really takes it to the next level is that we rim it in real gold. While we can’t disclose the exact combination of special ingredients we sourced for this work of art, we can promise that you’ll appreciate it as much as we do. 

With a wide range of dishes featuring rich, unique flavors and fresh ingredients, there are plenty of options on our carefully crafted menu for every palate. From our toastaditas de tinga, made with slow-simmered chipotle chicken, to our blackened patagonian salmon entree, we’re in! Be sure to save some room for dessert. Our chocolate flan is some of the best, if not the best, flan you’ll ever taste. Featuring simple yet rewarding flavor, it’s melt in your mouth good. 

What are you waiting for? Grab up your friends and family and come see us, they’ll be forever grateful for the invitation. We’ll be serving up lip-smacking comida and top-notch cocktails all day long. 

A Brunch Lovers Guide: Mesero Edition


We’re hard-pressed to think of a better way to indulge your palate than by enjoying a delicious brunch at Mesero. With a well-rounded menu sure to satisfy the unique tastes of every member of your brunch crew and fresh libations to to enjoy, any brunch lover will appreciate our carefully curated options. Our brunch lover’s guide was designed to guide you through what is sure to be a distinctive experience with us. 

Well Rounded Menu

Our creative and well-rounded brunch menu features options that are sweet, savory and everything in between. The huevos mesero is our take on a protein-rich brunch option. Packed with flavor, it features two sunny-side up eggs, black beans, queso chihuahua, tomato, jalapeño, and mesero papita for some added crunch. The mouth-watering french toast we serve up for brunch is another favorite among brunch lovers. It’s made with challa bread and topped with whipped mexican crema fresh, cinnamon, with sweet caramelized green apples. If you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything, order the meseritos to check off all of your boxes. With your choice of an egg or french toast, bacon, sausage, chorizo, it also comes with fruit or mesero papita. 

Have a hankering for something not included in your entree? Side items like our cheddar chipotle grits and fingerling potatoes serve as the perfect complement to any meal. Tacking on a Mesero side item is the perfect option to combat a big appetite come brunch time. 

Mesero Crafted Libations

One of our favorite ways to round out a top-notch brunch is with a delicious cocktail. Our three brunch-specific cocktails are our mesero mimosa, bloody mary and sangre real. While our mimosa and Bloody Mary are trusted go-tos, our sangre real is a must-have. Packed with a powerful punch, the sangre real is made with milagro reposado, cointreau, blood orange and ginger. 

Brunch at Mesero has everything a true brunch lover appreciates, top-notch food, libations and staff. 

Vegetarian-Friendly Options at Mesero


Dining out as a vegetarian in Texas doesn’t have to mean jumping through hoops! Mesero is always serving up a variety of vegetarian options for our herbivore friends. We’ve lined up a few of our favorite vegetarian dishes too add to your “must have” list. Each dish is fresh, mouthwatering and made with only high-quality ingredients.

Aguacates “Guacamole”

Mesero offers up two spins on this meal staple, the clasico and the tipico. Clasico features avocado, lime, habanero, cilantro and sweet red onion. The habanero chili pepper gives it a little kick we can’t help but appreciate. Not one for any level of spice? Try ordering the tipico. Tipico is a simple yet satisfying marriage of avocado, lime and sea salt.

Baby Kale Salad

Staying true to the light, healthy and refreshing theme we’ve kicked off with, the baby kale salad is another vegetarian-friendly restaurant option at Mesero. Quinoa provides a solid protein foundation for this salad, topped with spring onion, yellow beet, golden raisin, candied pecan, golden and red pear tomato. Fresh cilantro, our queso de oaxaca and a citrusy lemon vinaigrette make for a flavorful take on a kale salad.

Rojas Enchiladas

If you’re in the mood for something a little more hearty, a pair of rojas enchiladas might be just what you need. Served up with arroz verde, our rojas enchiladas have, you guessed it, red sauce! Drizzeled with chihuahua cheese and our cilantro cream, this is undoubtedly a beloved dish at Mesero. We might be a tad biased but we happen to think we make the best enchiladas in Texas.


Still hungry? Our many adiciones offerings can help round out the perfect vegetarian meal. Sautéed green beans, roasted fingerling potatoes, cheddar chipotle grits, mango relish topped brussel sprouts and seasonal veggies each make for fantastic add-ons to any meal.

Come see us at Mesero, where we’re serving up the vegetarian options and the best Mexican food in Dallas.