Back to School with Mesero

That time of year parents have been waiting all Summer for is finally here: Back to School time! We know how excited parents are for the kids to be back in school, but we also know that means your schedule is now back to crazy! From kids’ activities, practices, homework, open houses, and just about anything else you can think of, your calendar is packed.  What to do for dinner should not be an added stress on your plate. Stop into Mesero today and let us help!

At Mesero we will take care of the cooking AND the cleaning. All you have to do is order, then sit back and relax as you enjoy a delicious meal without the stress of having to make it yourself. It will also give you the time to ask the kids how everything is going in their new grade, with the new teacher, and what lies ahead for the year.

Kids Menu

If you’re bringing the kids in and want to fill their bellies while they fill your hearts with their tales of the new school year, you need some good food for them. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! Our MESERITOS MENU (kids 12 and under) gives your kid the choice of taco, enchilada, quesadilla, fajita, nacho, single “Rose” burger, hot dog, chicken tenders, or Mesero mac & cheese. Each entrée is served with rice, beans or house fries. The kiddos will definitely enjoy their back to school special! 


For the Adults

While the kids indulge in their meals, we have great options for the parents as well. Try from favorites like our Enchiladas including our CREMAQUESO (two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo), our ROJAS (two chihuahua cheese enchiladas, red sauce, cilantro cream, arroz verde) or our CAMARÓN (sautéed garlic shrimp, cremaqueso, red pepper drizzle, arroz blanco). Or indulge in one of our amazing entrees like our POLLO LA BRASA “Double R” (grilled airline chicken, cheddar chipotle grits, arugula salad, pickled sweet onion, guajillo essence), our FRIED RICE “La China” (cilantro shrimp, crispy pork, blanco and verde arroz, mushroom, heirloom grape tomato, fried egg), or our BRAISED PORK “The Chairman” (chile seco, cremini mushroom, jalapeño ranch, roasted peppers, onions, arroz rojo).


And don’t forget our awesome selections of cocktails to wash it all down!



We can’t wait to see you soon.