Celebrate National Beer Day With Us

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If there’s one thing we appreciate on a hot Dallas day, it’s the refreshing impact of an ice cold cerveza! What better day to take a moment and appreciate all that the cold brews the Mesero bar has to offer than National Beer Day? Whether you recognize April 7 as a holiday or not, we hope you’ll come in and enjoy a cold one at Mesero. As you may know, our mantra, is “Mexican Spirit American Life” so naturally we have beers represented from both countries!

Mexican Beers

Whether you’re in the mood for a flavored pilsner or a munich dunkel style lager, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of favorite beers imported from Mexico including Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Victoria, and XX Lager. After one sip of Negra Modelo, you won’t be surprised that it’s one of the best (if not thebest) selling dark beer in all of Mexico! Dare we say it? All four of these beers serve as the perfect primer to enjoying some chilled, high quality tequila.  

Seasonal and Locally Crafted 

Given that we live in a state so established in the craft brew industry, naturally we have seasonal and craft brews available for you. These vary quite frequently so be sure to ask your mesero what we have when you come in. 

American Beers 

As light and refreshing as ever, you can always keep it classic and order a Bud Light. We also have Michelob Ultra available, a light lager style brew. Prefer something with no alcohol but you’d still like to get in the spirit with friends and family? Opt for Beck’s non-alcoholic. 

Not quite sure what beer you’d like to sip on in celebration of National Beer Day? Ask your mesero! They will undoubtedly have a top-notch idea.