Toast to National Margarita Day on February 22

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It’s here, National Margarita Day, a spirited holiday celebrating one of our most beloved cocktails – the margarita! A libation that’s equal parts sweet and sour, Mesero has a wide selection of world-class margaritas that are available served either frozen or on the rocks. In recognition of National Margarita Day, we’re highlighting some of our favorite margaritas to share with you – from diehard classics to those you’ll only find at Mesero.  

Keep the Margaritas Flowing

To kick things off, you can’t go wrong with a classic, the Meserita. Comprised of just three ingredients, the refreshing Meserito is the perfect blend of herradura silver, Cointreau, and citrus. For those ready to crank up the heat, we’d be failing you if we didn’t direct you to the Jalapina. Jalapeno peppers bring the spice factor but are perfectly balanced with herradura reposado, Cointreau, pina fresco, and – of course – citrus!

Opting for something a bit lighter on the sweets and more forgiving on the waistline? Choose the Size 2 cocktail, made of Jimador Silver tequila, citrus, and Splenda. It’s just as good whether you have it served frozen or on the rocks! Representing a uniquely Mesero twist on a margarita, the Berry Street cocktail is berry-focused frozen micorita. What really sets this cocktail apart is that it’s made with our house-made blueberry puree liquor – it doesn’t get much fresher than that.

See You February 22

Since opening its doors, Mesero has been serving up unique margaritas in an atmosphere that friends and family alike will enjoy. We can’t wait to see you on February 22 to celebrate National Margarita Day! Stop in at any one of our five locations and we know you’re sure to find some mouthwatering comida to serve as the perfect complement to the margarita of your choice.