Sip on Perfección

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A margarita with a name like Perfección must be incredibly special to live up to its name. Though we love it for all the unique elements it packs into a margarita, we encourage you not to take our word for it. Come see us at Mesero to sip on perfección and find out for yourself what all the hype is about.

What Makes it Perfección?

We created the La Perfección Margarita in celebration of one of our favorite holidays – National Margarita Day! When crafting a cocktail to celebrate the big day we knew we had to create a truly special margarita, one unlike any of those we already carry. The product of putting our heads together creatively was La Perfección! What makes it so special you ask? It’s crafted with hand-selected tequila, Cointreau, plenty of fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice, volcanic salt, and a touch of gold. Yes – you read those last two ingredients right. Part of what makes the La Perfección Margarita so unique is our use of volcanic salt and gold.  

A Cocktail Menu Embodying Perfection

If the La Perfección Margarita sounds like just a bit too much for you to handle right now, we like to think that just about each of the cocktails on our carefully crafted cocktail menu is perfect in its own way. For those looking for something more simple without comprising depth of taste, consider our Sangria La Flor. Made with brandy, orange citrus, and pinot noir, it’s bold yet refreshing. Are your taste buds craving something on the sweet side? You can’t go wrong with the Berry Street, it’s a frozen margarita made with blueberry puree liquor (that we made in-house, of course)!

Regardless of how you define libation perfection and which of our five locations you visit us at, you’ll have an opportunity to sip on perfección.