Monday Motivation with Mesero

Mondays are the worst day of the week by all accounts. You’ve just had an amazing weekend relaxing, watching football, catching up on things around the house, and then boom! Just like that the weekend is over and the dreaded alarm goes off on Monday morning. Having a case of the Mondays is a real thing and at Mesero we’re here to help. We say, don’t look at Mondays as a dreaded day, instead celebrate the new week ahead and the endless opportunities of a new week!

Cocktail Fun

What better way to celebrate than with a deliciously refreshing drink?! As Mesero we couldn’t agree more and that’s why we hope you stop in today (and any Monday) and try a tasty drink like our T-N-T: Tequila N Topo! How fun does that sound, right?! And of course, since you’re indulging at Mesero, you know you have options! When ordering your T-N-T, you have a choice from several top tequila options like Heradura Silver,  Reposado, Mesero Double Barrel, Casamigos lanco, Codigó Silver, Clase Azul Reposado, Suprema and more!



If you’re kicking off a new week with a delicious drink, you need some amazing food to go with it. Try from any of our awesome starters like our QUESO MESERO (queso chihuahua, spinach, artichoke, poblano with brisket, chorizo, or tipico), QUESO TEJANO (cheddar cheese a la mexicana, green and red bell pepper with brisket, chorizo, or tipico), or our AGUACATES “GUACAMOLE” (either TIPICO: avocado, lime, sea salt or CLASICO: habanero, cilantro, red onion).

Or dive right into the good stuff with our Enchiladas like our VERDES (two chicken enchiladas, tomatillo, red onion, queso fresco, crema mexicana, arroz rojo) or our CREMAQUESO (two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo); our Tacos like our ATÚN AHÍ (seared ahi tuna, sesame seed, pico, roasted red pepper drizzle, green onions, arroz blanco) or our SALMÓN (blackened salmon, corn, chile aioli, mesero slaw, arroz blanco); or one of our Principales like our POLLO LA BRASA “Double R” (grilled airline chicken, cheddar chipotle grits, arugula salad, pickled sweet onion, guajillo essence) or our FRIED RICE “La China” (cilantro shrimp, crispy pork, blanco and verde arroz, mushroom, heirloom grape tomato, fried egg).


Stop in today and let’s get this new week off to a great start! Salud!