Seven Cocktails to Try on Thirsty Thursday

For all of those looking to kick their weekend shenanigans off a day early, there’s thirsty thursday. We’ve cherry-picked seven cocktails to try this Thirsty Thursday, or any day of the week, really!

Berry Street

Our Berry Street cocktail is the perfect way to ease into a thirsty thursday celebration. Our bartenders craft it from our beloved micorita, frozen and combine it with a house-made blueberry puree liquor. Tequila and berries make for an ultra refreshing duo.

El Diablo

For those looking to cut straight to the chase, might we suggest the El Diablo? Riffing off of our berry-based concoctions, the El Diablo is made of a berry-basil smash mixed with one of our favorite bourbons, Devils Rivers.

Sangre Real

Milagro’s triple-distilled tequila serves as the optimal foundation for our Sangre Real. When combined with cointreau, ginger, and blood orange, this is a cocktail you’ll have a hard time sipping slowly.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.58.01 AM.png


Calling all those who appreciate a kick to their cocktails. Our Jalapina cocktail has just enough bite. Created with Herradura reposado, refreshing pina fresco, jalapeno, cointreau, and a tad more citrus, it’s a solid choice.


Our highly-lauded micorita is always a good idea. Served frozen or on the rocks, it is crafted with El Jimador tequila either frozen or on the rocks.

Size 2

Equal parts refreshing and delicious is our Size 2 cocktail. Crafted with Jimador silver, citrus, and splenda, it is the optimal selection for thursday thursdayers closely watching their waistline. The Size 2 can be served frozen or on the rocks!


Anyone that declares that Froze is reserved for the hot summer months is loony, we declare! Served with frozen rose, vodka, and licor, Froze happens to make for a top-notch Thirsty Thursday choice, too!

Still making plans for Thirsty Thursday this week? Head over and visit us, the seven cocktails we’ve highlighted are just a few from our extensive drink menu.