The Perfect Sunday Funday at Mesero

With Monday closing in fast, Sunday serves as the perfect opportunity to pack lots of activity in before another work week. A proper Sunday Funday is centered around the perfect venue and features great food and drinks.

Mesero Clearfork Food-18.jpg

Rally Your Friends

An unspoken Sunday Funday rule is that there should be lots of friends involved! Rally up your friends and family to close out the weekend perfectly at Mesero, where we enjoy bringing people together. We recommend kicking off the day with a selection of a few community items. You can't go wrong with our quest tejano or our nachos conocidos. If you're torn between a few menu options, the trio comes with a choice of queso, guacamole and our roxie salad.

Let the Libations Flow

Crank up the heat out the gate with an order of our La Picosa cocktail, featuring serrano pepper. For something a bit more sweet, try our Berry Street cocktail. Remember, Sunday Funday lasts the better part of the day so pace yourself appropriately! If anyone in your crew isn't in the mood for a cocktail, we have an extensive wine list and a number of cold brews.

Las Combinaciones

Round out your time at Mesero and order one (or all five) of our Las Combinaciones to try a little bit of everything. Las Combinaciones 3 is a fan favorite and comes with roja enchilada, shrimp taco, mesero slaw and arroz blanco. If you're trying to munch on grub all day, start out with a small taco order and you can always close out your Sunday Funday with some cheesy enchiladas.

Before the chaos of the work weeks kicks off, max out the boundless potential of your Sunday and celebrate Sunday Funday, Mesero style! We'll see you this weekend.