Lunch It Up at Mesero!


Do you feel like lunch gets the short end of the stick when it comes to food? Yeah, we feel the same exact way. Dinner is huge, and so is brunch—but who said lunch isn’t a big deal, too?! We are here to bring some life back into the lunch game, and to remind you that Mesero has amazing food whenever you join us!

Lunch is important because it’s the mid-day pick-me-up we all need. Rough day at work? Mesero! Got that promotion you’ve been working towards for months? Mesero! On the honor roll at school? Mesero! Whether you’re celebrating, need something to turn your frown upside down, or it’s Monday and Mesero is calling your name—join us! With the best Tex-Mex food, you know you’re going to be leaving lunch satisfied and ready to take on the rest of the day—no matter what that means for you!


Mid-Day Happiness

No matter what you’re doing (working, shopping, nothing…), lunch is a great way to fuel your day! Being hangry is a thing of the past when you come to Mesero—seriously, how could you be hangry when you know you’re going to be chowing down on the best Tex-Mex food?! Whatever your reason for stopping by—make sure you have a plan! If you don’t want to be too full, choose some Community options! How can you resist our Ceviche?! Or any of our nachos, for that matter.

If you’re looking to fuel up—go for a Combination Plate. You might not be ready to eat dinner until 10 PM, but you will be happy and full for a long time! This is perfect if you don’t want to snack a lot before dinner, as well. Fill yourself up with delicious meals from Mesero instead of wasting your time on bland snacks or other lunches—you will be thankful that you did!


Mesero is also a great place to go with groups of people (friends and co-workers) because sharing is encouraged! We know this might be difficult to do because you get possessive over your enchiladas, but this way you can try something new if you share!

Join Us!

Whether you stop by for a quick bite to eat to recharge before getting back to work, you’re exhausted from your cardio (shopping) and need to refuel (with tacos), or you’re looking for your go-to lunch restaurant— your local Mesero location is the perfect place for all of this.


You might even completely forget that you have to go back to real life once your meal is over. Savor your lunch at your local Mesero, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation!