QueSO Many Options at Mesero!

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Whether you’re a born and bred Texan or a transplant from elsewhere, you probably know (and love) queso as much as the next person. Queso is great—it’s perfect for sharing (if you must), and can go on nearly anything—chips, a taco, a pair of shoes… We wouldn’t necessarily say the last idea is a good one, but hey, to each their own!

Since we’re serving the best Mexican food in the Dallas area, that means we had to make sure our queso game was on-point—and we lived up to that! On our menu, you will find three different, unique, and delicious queso options that you will immediately fall in love with! We’re sorry if you become addicted, but this is our warning: it is possible, and it happens a lot!  

Our Queso Options

If you’re anything like us, cheese is probably a large part of your diet—and queso is an important part of that diet! So, we had to make sure we had different quesos for different occasions and cheese lovers. Each queso is made with only the best ingredients—and you will be able to taste the difference!

Queso Mesero

Named after our establishment, you know it has to be our go-to! We love it because it’s nothing like any other queso we have ever had (it’s the best)! We start off with queso Chihuahua and add spinach, artichokes, and poblano adiciones. We’ve heard even artichoke and spinach haters love this queso—that’s how delicious it is! Are you feeling extra spicy and fun today?! We suggest adding with brisket or chorizo!


Queso Tejano

A more classic take on queso, we still created a show-stopper with this queso. We start this one off with cheddar cheese a la Mexicana and add both green and red bell peppers! If you’re new to the queso world (and we welcome you!), this is a great place to start!

Queso Fundido

With a name like Queso Fundido, you know it’s going to be good! All of the ooey-gooey goodness is served in an iron skillet—so fancy! In the skillet you will find: melted queso Chihuahua, Mexican chorizo, onion, and papita. This is served with your choice of tortilla, flour or corn! We love to make roll ups with this queso dish, it’s fun and delicious—you’ll love it!



How do you choose just one?! We know, it can be hard! If you come with a large enough group, or you’re ambitious enough, try them all! Serving the best queso is easy when you’re the best Mexican restaurant in Dallas!