The Secret’s in the Salsa!

The Secret's in the Salsa!.png

Whether you have fallen in love with our tacos, a combination plate, or enchiladas—you know what you’re getting is fresh and delicious. Not so surprisingly, then, we have the best salsas in town! Our salsas (or sauces) are made with the freshest ingredients—so fresh, that it will make your taste buds dance (or should we say, salsa?!)! Today, we are going to tell you about our amazing salsas—because, of course, when you offer the best Tex-Mex in town, you have to have amazing salsas to go with your meal!

Our Superb Salsas

No matter what your spice tolerance is, we have a salsa for you! Each and every salsa we have made (we have 6 in total!!) has been perfected to make sure all of the flavors work well together and go well with whatever you put it on! Seriously, all six of them are so good you could put it on a shoe and you would think about eating it! We don’t necessarily suggest that path… but, that is just how amazingly delicious our salsas are!

Which salsa would you put with our delicious shrimp tacos?! 

Which salsa would you put with our delicious shrimp tacos?! 


Filled with roasted tomatillos, this sauce is a show-stopper! We then add chile seco, garlic, and salt! Those of you that aren’t the biggest fans of spice—have no fear! This sauce is quite mild, but is packed with the delicious flavor you expect from Mesero!


When a salsa is named after the restaurant, you know it’s going to be delicious! We start off with both red and green tomatoes, and then we add more flavor! We add everyone’s favorite fruit that has disguised itself as a vegetable—avocado! And then to top it off, we add onion and queso fresco. Another mild, but flavorful option!

Pachi Pachi

A salsa so good you just have to say it twice! Similar to the Mesero salsa, this one starts off with red and green tomato. Then, we add chile de arbol—let us warn you, these peppers are hot. Not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle the heat, you will love it!


You’ll never guess what’s in this salsa… well, you probably will! Alongside the habanero pepper in this sauce comes green tomatillo and garlic. Another spicy option, but beside the heat comes a ton of flavor!

De Mesa

Another spicy option, this sauce has habanero pepper in it, so beware if you’re not able to handle a lot of spice! To mellow out the pepper and bring more flavor, we add our house salsa (salsa de la casa) and roasted tomato.

The Roxie Salad

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Roxie Salad. Filled with quinoa, pico and avocado, this is on the lighter and more refreshing side—but still delicious, of course!

Only the freshest ingredients for our salsas! 

Only the freshest ingredients for our salsas! 

Salsa, or sauce, is a huge part of the Tex-Mex experience, so of course we had to make them all delicious! We include so many options so that our amazing customers to find the right salsa for them! Whether you like to kick up the heat, or you’re a spice weenie, you will find the perfect salsa for you!