Divine Dessert!


With Valentine’s Day near, chocolate is probably a significant part of your diet (and we totally support that, don’t worry). But, if you’re looking for the best desserts around, desserts that follow the best Mexican meal in Dallas —look no further than your local Mesero location.

Next time you join us for a meal, try your hardest not to fill up! We know this is difficult, especially with delicious Mexican fare like enchiladas, combination plates, and ceviche! But, we promise when you leave room for dessert it will be well worth it!

After the best Mexican meal of your life—try one of our tempting desserts! Today, we are going to talk about three different options we love as desserts… And the third one may surprise you!

Save Room for Dessert!

We know, we know—our portions are pretty big, and our food is delicious, so making it to dessert might be tougher than you think! However, we know that you are strong and that you can do it—we believe in you! Like we said, we are going to talk about three different options for dessert! Hope you aren’t too hungry, because these options might make you drool!

Ever heard of a tres leches cake?! Well, we out did this cake by making a super delicious Cinco Leches Cake! If the picture below doesn’t entice you enough (which we are pretty sure it will, look at that slice!), we will tell you a little bit more about this divine dessert. Three layers of cake with delicious frosting, and do you see that drizzle?! It’s the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio!


This next option is healthy—it does have carrots and nuts in it! Another classic option that we just do better than the rest! Our carrot cake is an absolute showstopper and crowd pleaser! A great option to share (or eat yourself), and honestly you won’t have to feel bad about it! Carrots and nuts?! You’re pretty much eating a salad!


Lastly, we have another favorite option—a cocktail for dessert! Any of our cocktails can be a great end cap to a lovely night at Mesero! A classic go-to is one of our frozen micorita variations! A favorite option is our Paris 57—frozen micorita, house-made sangria, and Cointreau noir! A perfect way to end the night!


Next time you stop by your local Mesero, make sure to treat yourself to any (or all!) of our delicious dessert options!