‘Tis Tamale Season!

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While we crave a hot tamale just about any day of the year, we think of the holiday season as tamale season. That is, the optimal time to tamales that are made from scratch, light and packed with flavor!

A Marriage of Texture & Taste

Unwrapping a Mesero tamale is one of the best (certainly the most delicious) gift you’ll open this season. Like every dish we make here at Mesero, you can taste the freshness with just one bite of our famous tamales. Made fresh every day, our hot tamales are made from scratch for that hard-to-find homemade taste. Served two per an order, you have plenty of room to customize your tamale order to get exactly what you’re craving. Full of love and plenty of guajillo pork, you’re likely to want to share a delicious bite with your friends and family. Our tamales can be topped with the sauce of your choice. Two of our personal favorites are our roasted tomatillo sauce and a rojo sauce you’ll want to write home about. Fret not – regardless of what sauce you top your tamales with, we’ll drizzle it with our fresh crema. A cup of our spicy salsa serves as the perfect complement to tamales that will make you forget you’re not the only person in the room.

A Perfect Pairing

If you’re looking for the ideal libation to pair with your tamales, there is likely no choice more appropriate than a margarita. We’re big fans of our Micorita, made from Tequila Herradura “El Jimador” and served either frozen or on the rocks.

It’s no wonder that tamales have truly stood the test of time, they represent all that we appreciate about comfort food, this Mexican staple is hearty, delicious and – of course – comforting. Visit any Mesero locations to fully appreciate the perfect marriage of texture and taste that is a Mesero tamale!