Why Mesero is a Top Catering Choice

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Mouthwatering food has been (and always will) be a key element to hosting an event for the books. Many of our clients entrust us to handle food so that they can focus on being welcoming hosts. Why exactly is Mesero a top catering choice for so many? We thought you’d never ask!

Flexible Options

We understand how wildly different the needs of our clients are, that’s why we created a catering program that’s flexible enough to meet the specific needs of events of all sizes. Choose between full service catering, delivery, set up & go or simply pick everything up yourself. Regardless of your budget or the number of guests you’re hosting, we’ve got you covered. If you’re not sure that your private space is conducive to hosting, consider holding a private event at any one of our five unique locations.

Extensive Menu

Two of our favorite menu options when ordering for a crew are enchiladas and tacos. Our catering menu has tons of options that you can order by the dozen. We also have fajitas available, that can be ordered per person for either lunch or dinner. Tons of side options, house-made salsas, side salads and desserts can be added to round out a truly solid catering order. We can even craft made-to-order margaritas on the rocks, just let our catering consultant know you’d like to learn more about our Bar and Beverage offerings.

You can still host a hand-crafted lunch or dinner without doing the hand-crafting all on your own. Bring your friends and family into the Mesero fold by hiring us to manage your next catering need. Initiate your catering order by completing this simple contact form on our website. Our catering consultant will reach out shortly to sort out the specifics with you.