Picky Eater?! Come to Mesero!

Picky Eater_! Come to Mesero!.png

All of us seem to have some sort of picky eater in our lives, and sometimes, the picky eater might be you! Thankfully, though, Mesero is here to help relieve that stress in your life because we have a menu that is filled with amazing options that any picky eater would eat! Today, we are going to further relieve that stress you might have. This comes in help for if you’re planning a big get-together and want to go to Mesero, but you’re afraid someone won’t be able to find something on the menu. We at Mesero had that issue in mind, which is why we included some amazing meals that are perfect for those picky eaters (even if they aren’t willing to admit they’re picky eaters…).

Great Options for EVERY Eater!

It was important to us to make sure we had an inclusive menu for everyone who joins us, so, we did just that! Below, we have listed some of our delicious options that might be the perfect option for anyone who relies on a staple (like that friend that always gets a burger when you go out). So, even if you have the pickiest eater with you—they will find something on our menu, we promise!

Quesadillas Al Gusto

Quesadillas are pretty basic when it comes to what is in it, but that doesn’t mean flavor has to lack! Our Quesdillas Al Gusto is amazing, and although it is in our “Community” section on the menu, it is still easily made into a lunch or dinner! Your choice of grilled chicken or steak, and corn or flour tortillas. Whichever you choose will also include: queso chihuachua, avocado, and pico. With options in the quesadilla, it allows for a picky eater to choose what they like to eat—it’s a perfect meal!

Everything on “The American Side” on our Menu

We really do have that one friend that orders the burger no matter where they are… which is why we had to include a delicious burger! Along with our “Rose” Burger, we also have the Big “D” Dog, and Crispy Half Chicken.

The Rose Burger: An absolute legend, if we’re being honest. Filled with double meat and double cheese, you won’t be going home hungry after this! It also comes with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and house fries on the side.

Our amazing burger! 

Our amazing burger! 

The Big “D” Dog: Hot dogs are a go-to for picky eaters, and this dog is so delicious. A fourth-pound of kobe beef topped with chili and cheddar cheese (um, yum!) in a brioche bun. And on the side, some fries! Again, the picky eater will be happy and full!

Crispy Half Chicken: This is a dinner only meal where we need you to call ahead to reserve one but let’s be honest—we all look at the menu before we go to a restaurant, so we know what to order roughly three days in advanced! This chicken is oven-roasted and then finished on a cast iron skillet with grilled seasonal veggies on the side! Picky eater or not, this chicken is an absolute home-run!

Chicken Palliard

Similar to the Crispy Half Chicken, but this chicken is grilled! Served with some of those delicious grilled seasonal veggies too, this plate is for the pickiest of eaters (or those that want a delicious grilled chicken breast, we don’t judge)!

No matter what you order, we make it specially for you! 

No matter what you order, we make it specially for you! 

Just because you might be a “picky” eater doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on flavor! When creating our menu, we made sure that it was inclusive to make everyone happy and full. Enjoy!