Catering with Mesero

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What could be better than eating Mesero food while in the comfort of your own home while hosting a get-together?! We say nothing can beat it!

With 2018 just starting, you know that there will be more and more parties happening in the future—both with you going and you hosting! If you are planning to host a get-together—let Mesero help you! We have an amazing catering service that will work with you to figure out what are the best options for your unique situation! Today, we are going to tell you a little bit more about our services—we cannot wait to cater your next event!


Why Mesero Catering is the Best!

No matter the size of your party, we can help you cater it! You can fill out a sheet here to provide us with more information, you can give us a call at (214)843-0835, or you can email us at If you do choose to fill the sheet out online, all you will need is basic information—such as dates, times, how many people will be there, and what sort of get-together you will be hosting. The more information you are able to provide us with, the better we can make your get-together!

Not only do we offer our delicious food and drink to be at your get-together… but we also have a full-service catering option! This means that we will come and set up your space, serve, and then clean up! This could be the perfect option for you and your party because it takes all the stress off you—you will actually be able to enjoy your party!

No matter what option you eventually choose, we will work with you to customize a menu that your guests and you will absolutely love. This includes both food and drink! This is when information such as allergies or other nutritional barriers will come in handy—like we said, the more information you can provide us with, the better your experience will be!


Catering with Mesero is amazing because we are always working with you to make your experience what you want out of it. With our amazing menu to look through and choose from, we are positive that your catering experience will be amazing!

By choosing Mesero as your catering option, your get-together is going to be one for the books!