Brunch with Us!

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Here at Mesero we are all about delicious food and good fun—which is why you need to join us for brunch! So maybe you’re asking yourself why you would want to join us for brunch, and the reason is because it’s not only brunch, but it’s brunch at Mesero—what could be better?! We have tasty options that will satisfy your hunger in the form of delicious main dishes, sides, desserts, and (of course) drinks!

Brunch at Mesero

No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have something you will love from our brunch menu! This delicious brunch menu ranges from Huevos Mesero, to an Egg White Scramble, French Toast, seasonal smoothies, and more!

We love all of our brunch menu options, but right now we are obsessed with the French Toast. It starts off with tasty challah bread (so thick and delicious!), and then it is topped with whipped Mexican crema fresh, cinnamon, and the sweetest caramelized green apples! This French Toast has a delicious and upscale food profile that will remind you of your childhood, but show that you’re a sophisticated adult!

Our delicious French Toast! 

Our delicious French Toast! 

Side Dishes & Desserts

No brunch is complete without side dish options to stuff you up! We, of course, have bacon—because a brunch menu without bacon just isn’t a brunch menu. We also have: poached eggs, fingerling potatoes, and guajillo roasted veggies! All delicious, it may be hard to choose just one, so thankfully you can order them all!

Now, brunch is sweet—but our desserts are even sweeter! We have our renowned Cinco Leches cake, Choco Flan, and Carrot Cake! All of which are delicious, and pretty healthy—right? (milk is good for you! Chocolate is good for you! Carrots are good for you!) So, next time you stop in for brunch, try not to fill up on the main dishes so you end your brunch with the best dessert!

Our renowned Cinco Leches Cake! 

Our renowned Cinco Leches Cake! 


No brunch would be right without a cocktail menu, of course! We have six different and fun cocktails on our brunch menu that range from the classic Bloody Mary, to a customer-favorite Paris 57, and (of course) we have a scrumptious mimosa—the Mr. Mesero Mimosa! No matter what, our cocktail menu will have something for you!

We hope to see you in, soon, for a delicious and fun-filled brunch!