Patio Dining at Mesero Prestonwood

brunch on our patio!.png

Have you eaten on Mesero's (Prestonwood location) patio yet? If not, you just have to! Yes, it may be dangerously warm outside in Dallas, but here at Mesero we have drinks that will cool you off enough to enjoy your time on our patio. Your food, drinks, and amazing view will keep your mind off the heat! 

Brunch on our Patio!

The best part about our patio is that it backs up to a beautiful golf course that is on White Rock Creek—we promise that the views will help keep your mind off how warm it is, and then our food will take you to a whole different and delicious world. Seriously, people on TripAdvisor seriously love our patio! Even though it might be hard to remember that one day it will get colder and 100 degrees will not always be a normal temperature, we also have little fires that are placed along our patio to keep you warm when necessary! We love our patio, we love our views, and we love our food—and we want to share all of them with you no matter what the weather may be!

We love eating out on our patio at all times, but one of our favorite times to do this is at brunch—it’s the perfect time to be outside and enjoy both delicious food and drinks! For brunch, we have seven different and flavorsome options for whatever you could be feeling that day—you want French toast? No worries we have that with delicious caramelized green apples and cinnamon! Are you more in the mood for eggs? No worries—we have five different options that have eggs—Huevos Mesero, Huevos Chorizo, Chlaquiles, Egg White Scramble, and La Campesina. We love all of our egg-filled options, but if we had to choose only one—we would choose our chilaquiles dish! To translate what this dish is, it is carefully poached eggs with chicken, Chihuahua queso, delicious chile avocado sauce, a crispy corn tortilla, and black beans. It’s so delicious we frequently wish it was on the regular menu as well!


Lastly, we all know you need something to wash down your brunch—sure you could settle for a glass of water or an iced tea—but we have seasonal smoothies that are to die for! Or, if you are looking to kick up your brunch (i.e. ordering a cocktail) we have six different options to choose from. Again, all delicious, but you just cannot go wrong with a Bloody Mary at our brunch!

We cannot wait to see you again—and we hope next time you visit our Prestonwood location you choose to sit on our patio to enjoy your brunch!