It's All About The Tequila: The Micorita and Spin-Offs

it's all about the tequila.png

What goes better with your shrimp ceviche appetizer and your carne asada dinner at Mesero? A delicious homemade cocktail! On our drink menu, we have sixteen different cocktails that are all tasty in their own way—we have some made especially for those who like the heat (spice heat, we still aren’t sure about this Texas heat this month…). No matter which cocktail option you choose, we promise you will not be disappointed with your choice! Below we will list a couple of our favorite options to choose from, especially during the relentless heat that is Texas summer that all revolve around our delicious margarita we call Micorita!

The Micorita—The Original and Spin-Offs

Our famous Micorita is named after Mico Rodriguez—the man behind the delicious menu and spaces that make up Mesero! The Micorita is a margarita that is crafted with El Jimador Reposado and comes either on the rocks or frozen. This tequila is crafted with both love and passion, and we promise you can taste it in our Micorita. El Jimador Reposado has delicious hints of spice, fruit, wood, vanilla, and even subtle hints of deliciously toasted hazelnuts. Not so surprising, this tequila has won a ton of awards—this includes the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012, and over twenty-five other awards since the year of 2010! The only way to create delicious drinks is to start with a delicious, and award winning tequila—and El Jimador Reposado is just the tequila to craft our amazing Micorita and its spin-offs.


We then use the classic Micorita as a base for a few other drinks, like the El Santo, the Brandon, Mr. Trey, The Green One and Paris.

El Santo

The El Santo starts with the frozen Micorita and then we add delicious and house-made Sangria—a delicious mix that you cannot go wrong with!

The Brandon

Next up we have The Brandon—it is the same thing as the El Santo but we add delicious mango-strawberry purée! Seriously, we didn’t think we could make our Micorita any better until we crafted the Brandon—refreshing and delicious on warm Texas days!

Mr. Trey

Back to its basics, we crafted Mr. Trey with the base of frozen Micorita and added Grand Marnier. Like The Brandon, this drink has hints of fruit from Grand Marnier's orange flavor! Both delicious and beautiful!

The Green One

Another option that is super refreshing is The Green One, that starts with the frozen Micorita and then we add midori, or melon liqueur.


Last up we have Paris. Again, we use the El Santo and bump it up by adding muddled raspberry. This just means we have simply pressed the raspberries into the side of your glass with a muddler to release the delicious and fresh flavors raspberries have to offer!

No matter what option you choose, you will not be disappointed! Next time you stop in, make sure to check out our delicious cocktails that stem from the Micorita!