Private Events at Legacy West!

Give… and Receive from Mesero this Holiday Season!.png

It’s the holiday season—which means there will be events, events, and more events for you to go to and host! Luckily for you, our Mesero Legacy West is a great option to host your holiday party (or any party, if we’re being honest)! We also have dining at two of our other Mesero locations, you can read about those here: Prestonwood and Henderson!  We suggest you read all three of our blogs on private events to figure out which location is best for you and your event!

The Front Room

Are you looking for a beautiful location with a great menu to host an upcoming party—well, we think Mesero Legacy West is the spot for you. We have a completely private space that is so amazing—and the best part is that you won’t have to deal with the cooking and cleaning that usually comes with having people over! That’s right, when you come to Mesero, you get to skip all the annoying stuff and you get to actually enjoy the event! And, you get to enjoy delicious Mesero food with people you love at the same time—there’s nothing better!

Imagine this at your next event! It can come true when you choose Mesero! 

Imagine this at your next event! It can come true when you choose Mesero! 

Our private space can seat from 40 to 60 people, or hold up to 90 people reception style. That’s right, we can fit your whole office, extended family, or your amazing friend group! The best part about our space is that, depending on weather, you can eat outside on the patio! Thankfully Texas usually has pretty mild winters, so we hope that you can use this without having it enclosed! Even if the area does have to be enclosed, it still will be amazing and great filled with patio seating—we promise!


Our enclosed (or not enclosed!) private space will be amazing for any and all events you might have to host—office get-togethers, birthday parties, graduation parties, bachelorette parties… anything goes, and we would love to host you! If you need any other information about our space, please contact us at (972)778-8158! We look forward to hosting your amazing event with a Mesero flair!