FALL in Love with Cocktails at Mesero!

FALL into Drink Specials.png

Every dish we have is complimented by our drinks—no matter what combination you put together, it is going to be filled with flavor and knock your socks off! In the past we have talked about our cocktails and wine options, but today we want to highlight some of our favorite cocktail options for the fall weather! We promise you, you are going to love it!

Cocktails to Try for Fall

The Pepino

It’s as cool as a cucumber… and the weather! One of our favorite margaritas we have is just itching to be drank during the fall weather. It features: herradura reposado, cointrau, and cucumber! As you can see from the picture below, it looks super cool—and it tastes even better! It might seem like a summer drink with the cucumber, but the fall season has to be about more than just pumpkins! We absolutely love this drink once the temperatures start dropping!


La Picosa

Is The Pepino a little too cool for you? Well, no worries at all—we have a special drink just for those who like it hot! Named La Picosa, it features—herradura silver, citrus, and a serrano pepper! This is not for the faint of heart! What is for, though, is for the chilly days that we will see this upcoming fall. No better way to warm up than with a deliciously spicy La Picosa at Mesero!


The Privado

To help keep summer alive even though it’s technically “fall”, we suggest Privado! A delicious cocktail that has: codigo rosa, grapefruit, and citrus! It’s a great drink to choose if you’re one of the ones (we are too, don’t worry) that does not want to accept the fact that summer is actually over. Thankfully at Mesero, we keep the summer spirit alive through delicious drinks, food, and fun!


Stop into Your Local Mesero Today! 

Whether this weather is something you love, or you are already waiting for summer 2018—our cocktails at Mesero will hit the spot and pair well with your meal! We are also currently featuring a delicious Spiced Pumpkin Rita (pictured below)— so, stop in soon to try it (or get it again)!