Soup-er Soups at Mesero!


The weather is finally getting chillier, and you know what that calls for?! Stopping into your local Mesero restaurant and starting off your meal with a delicious bowl of soup. There is no better way to warm up, and your stomach will thank you for choosing our soup! Located on our menu under “CALDOS”, which simply translates into broths in English, you will find three amazing options to choose from. We wish you luck only choosing one, but we promise whatever one you go with—you will be happy! Also, just come back into Mesero to try all three, you’re going to want to!

The Best Soups!

Like we said earlier, with three delicious soups that are all perfect for the upcoming fall and winter weather, it will be difficult to choose one! So, we suggest coming in and trying a new one each time you stop by! Below, we have listed our three soups that we absolutely love, and now that the weather is getting colder, we cannot wait for our awesome customers to show them some love, too!

Sopa de Fideo

A classic—chicken noodle soup! We start off with tomato-infused chicken broth (yeah, it’s better than the classic)! Then we add chile morita (a dried chile) and noodles (fideo). On top, you will find crispy onion and avocado! A Tex-Mex take on the classic chicken noodle soup, you will absolutely love it!

Pollo y Tomatillo

Chicken and tomatillo soup is similar to the idea of a chicken tortilla soup, but ours is much better! With chicken, cilantro, and tomatillo in it, you will wonder why you never ordered this before! On top, we have tortilla strips and a special Mesero slaw—seriously, it is so, so good!

Mmmmmmm... Pollo y Tomatillo Soup! 

Mmmmmmm... Pollo y Tomatillo Soup! 

Sopa de Frijoles

Sopa de Frijoles, or simply bean soup, is the best kind of comfort food around. Filled with slow-cooked pinto beans, onion, green and red pepper, and delicious Roma tomatoes, this soup is an absolute home-run! We know you will fall in love with it!


We are so happy that the weather is finally cooling off, because it is time to show some love to our delicious soups! Next time you stop into your local Mesero, make sure to try one of the three soups—you will not be disappointed!