Be Our Guest! Private Events at Mesero Prestonwood

Be Our Guest!.png

Did you know that multiple Mesero locations have the option to host a private event?! Well, if you didn’t, you haven’t been reading our blogs! We will bring you up to date—we have availability at our Henderson location (that we already wrote about, silly, but you can read it here), our Legacy West location (more information is soon to come, promise!), and our Prestonwood location (that we will be talking about today)! Whichever location you choose, you are bound to have an amazing time—but today, as we said, we will be talking about the private event space at our Prestonwood location—filled with views and delicious food, of course!

Bar Americano Prestonwood

Slightly smaller than our Henderson location (seriously, we wrote a blog about it earlier—check it out!), this private space makes up for its smaller space with amazing views. Located on the amazingly luscious and luxurious Prestonwood golf course, you are going to be blown away! The views are so good that you might not ever host a party elsewhere—especially when you consider that you are able to eat Mesero food, too!


To give you a little more information about what is included when you host a party with us, we will start with how many people we are able to fit. Like we said earlier, this is a little smaller than our Henderson location. This private space is able to fit up to 40 people seated (comfortably, we might add), or 70 people reception style. Although it is smaller, we offer a lot that makes your party amazing. This includes the ever-so-important fully stocked bar! We love our delicious Mesero menu so much, and we know how well it goes with our specialty drinks—so this will definitely come in handy for your private event! We also have private bathrooms just for your party—which is not only nice, but important! We want you to feel as though you are at home when you host a private event with us, and this is just one way we can do that for you!


We also have the option to “buy out” our whole entire restaurant (this goes for all locations!) if you need extra space—so do not hesitate to give us a call to ask! We are here to make your private event the best it can be, and we look forward to making your event as special as can be!