Wine… Every day at Mesero!  


Since Mesero is a Tex-Mex restaurant, people usually love to pair their meals with our handcrafted cocktails (i.e. a margarita)—which we understand, since they are utterly delicious, of course! However, we want to show some love to our wine drinking friends that pair a delicious glass of red or white wine with their enchiladas, tacos, or nachos! So, today we are going to talk about two of our favorite white options, and two of our favorite red options—so next time you join us, think about trying a glass (or bottle!!) of wine with your meal!

White Wine Wonders

We love all of our thirteen white wine options we offer at our Mesero locations, but right now we are specifically obsessed with two of them.... The first is: 

Orin Swift Mannequin

Who doesn’t love a glass (or bottle, of course) of chardonnay with their dinner?! We are absolutely obsessed with this white wine from California. This chardonnay has fruity undertones that will remind you why you are so happy it is fall—it offers flavors like green apples and orange blossoms, and even some honeysuckle! This white wine is deliciously refreshing and it isn’t heavy… so go ahead and order those nachos as an appetizer, too!

Jolie Folle

Of course we have to feature an amazing rosé on our white wine list—and we are obsessed with Jolie Folle Rosé! Jolie Folle means “Crazy Beautiful”, and that’s just how we feel about this wine. It has the beautiful pink color you love from a rosé, and it has delicious flavors of strawberries, watermelon, and white peach. Honestly, we could drink this all day—and we love it paired with some enchiladas!

Untitled design.png

Ravishing Red Wine

Move over white wine, it’s time for red wine! Although we are huge fans of all fourteen options we have... We just have to tell you about two red wines that we absolutely love right now!


How can you pass up a glass of pinot noir that has hints of blackberries, wild berries, and plums?! Yeah, we aren’t sure either! A delicious option is from Banshee—and we are lovin’ this wine so hard right now. Goes great with any of our options—but we really like it with tacos! It might be weird, but don’t knock it until you try it!


A beautiful glass of Merlot from Washington state is what you will get when you order Skyfall. Absolutely delightful, we can’t stress that enough!! This wine offers deep scents of plum, vanilla, and even leather! When you take a sip of this amazing wine, you will immediately taste cherry candy (yum!), with hints of cocoa powder popping through. So good, we cannot believe you have yet to order it!

With the temperatures getting cooler, you might think it is “red wine season”, but we like to give love to both red and white wine—so pick what makes you happy! Or, try something completely different—you will never know what crazy combination of food and drink you will love at Mesero! Tacos and wine?! Sign us up!