Vegetarian-Friendly Options at Mesero


Dining out as a vegetarian in Texas doesn’t have to mean jumping through hoops! Mesero is always serving up a variety of vegetarian options for our herbivore friends. We’ve lined up a few of our favorite vegetarian dishes too add to your “must have” list. Each dish is fresh, mouthwatering and made with only high-quality ingredients.

Aguacates “Guacamole”

Mesero offers up two spins on this meal staple, the clasico and the tipico. Clasico features avocado, lime, habanero, cilantro and sweet red onion. The habanero chili pepper gives it a little kick we can’t help but appreciate. Not one for any level of spice? Try ordering the tipico. Tipico is a simple yet satisfying marriage of avocado, lime and sea salt.

Baby Kale Salad

Staying true to the light, healthy and refreshing theme we’ve kicked off with, the baby kale salad is another vegetarian-friendly restaurant option at Mesero. Quinoa provides a solid protein foundation for this salad, topped with spring onion, yellow beet, golden raisin, candied pecan, golden and red pear tomato. Fresh cilantro, our queso de oaxaca and a citrusy lemon vinaigrette make for a flavorful take on a kale salad.

Rojas Enchiladas

If you’re in the mood for something a little more hearty, a pair of rojas enchiladas might be just what you need. Served up with arroz verde, our rojas enchiladas have, you guessed it, red sauce! Drizzeled with chihuahua cheese and our cilantro cream, this is undoubtedly a beloved dish at Mesero. We might be a tad biased but we happen to think we make the best enchiladas in Texas.


Still hungry? Our many adiciones offerings can help round out the perfect vegetarian meal. Sautéed green beans, roasted fingerling potatoes, cheddar chipotle grits, mango relish topped brussel sprouts and seasonal veggies each make for fantastic add-ons to any meal.

Come see us at Mesero, where we’re serving up the vegetarian options and the best Mexican food in Dallas.

No Chill Enchiladas at Mesero

The Ins and Outs of Bridesmaids.jpg

Enchiladas are huge at nearly every single Tex-Mex restaurant you go to. Luckily for you, we added some flair to our Tex-Mex, so our enchiladas have no chill—or in other words, they are out of this world delicious. Don’t believe our words? Well, we suggest trying one of them for yourself and then letting us know your thoughts! We have five different and tasty enchiladas to choose from. Some of our options are great for those who don’t eat meat, or for the people out there who love cheese (alright if we’re being honest, who doesn’t love cheese…). Sit down and relax as we tell you about our five tantalizing enchilada options!

Exceptional Enchiladas

There’s no way around it, our enchiladas are just so, so good! As per usual, they are made with only the best and freshest ingredients around! We weren’t messing around when we crafted these five enchilada recipes for you!


If “can you add cheese to that?” is part of your vocabulary, this is the perfect enchilada for you. The two enchiladas are stuffed with cheese and then topped with chili con carne sauce and served with arroz rojo. If we’re really feeling cheese, we sometimes even order queso on the side… It happens!


A possible tough-y to pronounce, don’t let it deter you from getting it—we accept menu pointing! When you order this, you will get two chicken enchiladas (with the moistest chicken ever) that is then topped with mole and arroz blanco. If you have ever been interested in mole and were sort of scared to try it, we suggest this meal—you can always get it on the side and give it a shot!




You’ll never guess what color the sauce on top of these enchiladas is! Two enchiladas are filled with chicken and topped with tomatillo, red onion, queso fresco, and crema Mexicana. On the side you’ll get a side of arroz rojo!




Chicken and cheese lovers unite! This is the enchilada for you! Two chicken stuffed enchiladas smothered in cremaqueso and cilantro cream, and with a side of arroz rojo, of course!


Last but not least we have our rojas enchilada. Again, you probably won’t be able to guess what color this enchilada is! Another great option for the cheese lover, these are stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and topped with red sauce and cilantro cream. To the side you will get a delicious scoop of our arroz verde!



Our enchiladas are best served with a delicious drink and a group of friends at Mesero! If you’re looking for the best enchiladas in Texas, you have come to the right place!

QueSO Many Options at Mesero!

Trends We Love_ The Illusion Trend.jpg

Whether you’re a born and bred Texan or a transplant from elsewhere, you probably know (and love) queso as much as the next person. Queso is great—it’s perfect for sharing (if you must), and can go on nearly anything—chips, a taco, a pair of shoes… We wouldn’t necessarily say the last idea is a good one, but hey, to each their own!

Since we’re serving the best Mexican food in the Dallas area, that means we had to make sure our queso game was on-point—and we lived up to that! On our menu, you will find three different, unique, and delicious queso options that you will immediately fall in love with! We’re sorry if you become addicted, but this is our warning: it is possible, and it happens a lot!  

Our Queso Options

If you’re anything like us, cheese is probably a large part of your diet—and queso is an important part of that diet! So, we had to make sure we had different quesos for different occasions and cheese lovers. Each queso is made with only the best ingredients—and you will be able to taste the difference!

Queso Mesero

Named after our establishment, you know it has to be our go-to! We love it because it’s nothing like any other queso we have ever had (it’s the best)! We start off with queso Chihuahua and add spinach, artichokes, and poblano adiciones. We’ve heard even artichoke and spinach haters love this queso—that’s how delicious it is! Are you feeling extra spicy and fun today?! We suggest adding with brisket or chorizo!


Queso Tejano

A more classic take on queso, we still created a show-stopper with this queso. We start this one off with cheddar cheese a la Mexicana and add both green and red bell peppers! If you’re new to the queso world (and we welcome you!), this is a great place to start!

Queso Fundido

With a name like Queso Fundido, you know it’s going to be good! All of the ooey-gooey goodness is served in an iron skillet—so fancy! In the skillet you will find: melted queso Chihuahua, Mexican chorizo, onion, and papita. This is served with your choice of tortilla, flour or corn! We love to make roll ups with this queso dish, it’s fun and delicious—you’ll love it!



How do you choose just one?! We know, it can be hard! If you come with a large enough group, or you’re ambitious enough, try them all! Serving the best queso is easy when you’re the best Mexican restaurant in Dallas!  

Lunch It Up at Mesero!


Do you feel like lunch gets the short end of the stick when it comes to food? Yeah, we feel the same exact way. Dinner is huge, and so is brunch—but who said lunch isn’t a big deal, too?! We are here to bring some life back into the lunch game, and to remind you that Mesero has amazing food whenever you join us!

Lunch is important because it’s the mid-day pick-me-up we all need. Rough day at work? Mesero! Got that promotion you’ve been working towards for months? Mesero! On the honor roll at school? Mesero! Whether you’re celebrating, need something to turn your frown upside down, or it’s Monday and Mesero is calling your name—join us! With the best Tex-Mex food, you know you’re going to be leaving lunch satisfied and ready to take on the rest of the day—no matter what that means for you!


Mid-Day Happiness

No matter what you’re doing (working, shopping, nothing…), lunch is a great way to fuel your day! Being hangry is a thing of the past when you come to Mesero—seriously, how could you be hangry when you know you’re going to be chowing down on the best Tex-Mex food?! Whatever your reason for stopping by—make sure you have a plan! If you don’t want to be too full, choose some Community options! How can you resist our Ceviche?! Or any of our nachos, for that matter.

If you’re looking to fuel up—go for a Combination Plate. You might not be ready to eat dinner until 10 PM, but you will be happy and full for a long time! This is perfect if you don’t want to snack a lot before dinner, as well. Fill yourself up with delicious meals from Mesero instead of wasting your time on bland snacks or other lunches—you will be thankful that you did!


Mesero is also a great place to go with groups of people (friends and co-workers) because sharing is encouraged! We know this might be difficult to do because you get possessive over your enchiladas, but this way you can try something new if you share!

Join Us!

Whether you stop by for a quick bite to eat to recharge before getting back to work, you’re exhausted from your cardio (shopping) and need to refuel (with tacos), or you’re looking for your go-to lunch restaurant— your local Mesero location is the perfect place for all of this.


You might even completely forget that you have to go back to real life once your meal is over. Savor your lunch at your local Mesero, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation!

What Your Margarita Order Says About You!

What Your Social Pie Order Says About You.jpg

So, National Tequila Day might have come and passed, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to serve some delicious and refreshing margaritas at your local Mesero location. Besides offering the best Tex-Mex food, but we also have some world-class margaritas! Today, we are going to talk a little bit more about six of our top selling margaritas—what they are made out of, and then what it means when you order a specific margarita!

Our Margaritas

Now, this is a definite short-list of our top-rated margaritas, so know that we have a bunch more options that are delicious, too! So, sit down and get ready to know more about your margarita order!

Meserita: An absolute classic drink—it contains herradura silver, Cointreau, and citrus! So, what does this say about you?! Although it is a classic drink, this drink shows that you’re always ready to explore and try something new! The lime on the side of the rim says it all—you’re an adventurer!

La Picosa: Not for the faint of heart—for those who like it hot, this drink is for you! It features: herradura silver, citrus, and serrano peppers! This drink says that you’re: spicy, energetic, and love living on the edge! Makes sense—there’s a lot of spice to this drink and to your personality!

 La Picosa 

La Picosa 

El Santo: Next up, we have the El Santo. A frozen micorita that has house-made sangria, it’s perfect for the Texas heat! When you order this drink, it shows that you are quiet, yet mystical! You’re inspiring, and you’re a tireless idealist!

 El Santo 

El Santo 

Pepino: This drink is made with: herradura reposada, Cointreau, and cucumber! Deliciously refreshing, this drink shows a lot about you! You’re down to earth, very caring and social, and always willing to go the extra mile to help people out!



The Brandon: Another frozen option that you’re bound to love! A frozen micorita, mango, and strawberry purée—yum! This drink shows that you are creative, a free spirit, and you are always able to find a reason to smile! And sometimes your reason to smile is because you’re drinking The Brandon at your local Mesero!

 The Brandon

The Brandon

La Doña: Last, and certainly not least, we have La Doña. Made with herradura reposado, Cointreau, and citrus (similar to our Meserita with a change in tequila). You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge—you always want to know more! And you’re an inventor—your ideas are unique and welcomed by others!

Did we hit the nail on the head with these traits—or have you been drinking the wrong house-made cocktail for too long?! Join us for some world class margaritas and the best Tex-Mex food around!

Divine Dessert!


With Valentine’s Day near, chocolate is probably a significant part of your diet (and we totally support that, don’t worry). But, if you’re looking for the best desserts around, desserts that follow the best Mexican meal in Dallas —look no further than your local Mesero location.

Next time you join us for a meal, try your hardest not to fill up! We know this is difficult, especially with delicious Mexican fare like enchiladas, combination plates, and ceviche! But, we promise when you leave room for dessert it will be well worth it!

After the best Mexican meal of your life—try one of our tempting desserts! Today, we are going to talk about three different options we love as desserts… And the third one may surprise you!

Save Room for Dessert!

We know, we know—our portions are pretty big, and our food is delicious, so making it to dessert might be tougher than you think! However, we know that you are strong and that you can do it—we believe in you! Like we said, we are going to talk about three different options for dessert! Hope you aren’t too hungry, because these options might make you drool!

Ever heard of a tres leches cake?! Well, we out did this cake by making a super delicious Cinco Leches Cake! If the picture below doesn’t entice you enough (which we are pretty sure it will, look at that slice!), we will tell you a little bit more about this divine dessert. Three layers of cake with delicious frosting, and do you see that drizzle?! It’s the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio!


This next option is healthy—it does have carrots and nuts in it! Another classic option that we just do better than the rest! Our carrot cake is an absolute showstopper and crowd pleaser! A great option to share (or eat yourself), and honestly you won’t have to feel bad about it! Carrots and nuts?! You’re pretty much eating a salad!


Lastly, we have another favorite option—a cocktail for dessert! Any of our cocktails can be a great end cap to a lovely night at Mesero! A classic go-to is one of our frozen micorita variations! A favorite option is our Paris 57—frozen micorita, house-made sangria, and Cointreau noir! A perfect way to end the night!


Next time you stop by your local Mesero, make sure to treat yourself to any (or all!) of our delicious dessert options!

The Secret’s in the Salsa!

The Secret's in the Salsa!.png

Whether you have fallen in love with our tacos, a combination plate, or enchiladas—you know what you’re getting is fresh and delicious. Not so surprisingly, then, we have the best salsas in town! Our salsas (or sauces) are made with the freshest ingredients—so fresh, that it will make your taste buds dance (or should we say, salsa?!)! Today, we are going to tell you about our amazing salsas—because, of course, when you offer the best Tex-Mex in town, you have to have amazing salsas to go with your meal!

Our Superb Salsas

No matter what your spice tolerance is, we have a salsa for you! Each and every salsa we have made (we have 6 in total!!) has been perfected to make sure all of the flavors work well together and go well with whatever you put it on! Seriously, all six of them are so good you could put it on a shoe and you would think about eating it! We don’t necessarily suggest that path… but, that is just how amazingly delicious our salsas are!

 Which salsa would you put with our delicious shrimp tacos?! 

Which salsa would you put with our delicious shrimp tacos?! 


Filled with roasted tomatillos, this sauce is a show-stopper! We then add chile seco, garlic, and salt! Those of you that aren’t the biggest fans of spice—have no fear! This sauce is quite mild, but is packed with the delicious flavor you expect from Mesero!


When a salsa is named after the restaurant, you know it’s going to be delicious! We start off with both red and green tomatoes, and then we add more flavor! We add everyone’s favorite fruit that has disguised itself as a vegetable—avocado! And then to top it off, we add onion and queso fresco. Another mild, but flavorful option!

Pachi Pachi

A salsa so good you just have to say it twice! Similar to the Mesero salsa, this one starts off with red and green tomato. Then, we add chile de arbol—let us warn you, these peppers are hot. Not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle the heat, you will love it!


You’ll never guess what’s in this salsa… well, you probably will! Alongside the habanero pepper in this sauce comes green tomatillo and garlic. Another spicy option, but beside the heat comes a ton of flavor!

De Mesa

Another spicy option, this sauce has habanero pepper in it, so beware if you’re not able to handle a lot of spice! To mellow out the pepper and bring more flavor, we add our house salsa (salsa de la casa) and roasted tomato.

The Roxie Salad

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Roxie Salad. Filled with quinoa, pico and avocado, this is on the lighter and more refreshing side—but still delicious, of course!

 Only the freshest ingredients for our salsas! 

Only the freshest ingredients for our salsas! 

Salsa, or sauce, is a huge part of the Tex-Mex experience, so of course we had to make them all delicious! We include so many options so that our amazing customers to find the right salsa for them! Whether you like to kick up the heat, or you’re a spice weenie, you will find the perfect salsa for you!

Picky Eater?! Come to Mesero!

Picky Eater_! Come to Mesero!.png

All of us seem to have some sort of picky eater in our lives, and sometimes, the picky eater might be you! Thankfully, though, Mesero is here to help relieve that stress in your life because we have a menu that is filled with amazing options that any picky eater would eat! Today, we are going to further relieve that stress you might have. This comes in help for if you’re planning a big get-together and want to go to Mesero, but you’re afraid someone won’t be able to find something on the menu. We at Mesero had that issue in mind, which is why we included some amazing meals that are perfect for those picky eaters (even if they aren’t willing to admit they’re picky eaters…).

Great Options for EVERY Eater!

It was important to us to make sure we had an inclusive menu for everyone who joins us, so, we did just that! Below, we have listed some of our delicious options that might be the perfect option for anyone who relies on a staple (like that friend that always gets a burger when you go out). So, even if you have the pickiest eater with you—they will find something on our menu, we promise!

Quesadillas Al Gusto

Quesadillas are pretty basic when it comes to what is in it, but that doesn’t mean flavor has to lack! Our Quesdillas Al Gusto is amazing, and although it is in our “Community” section on the menu, it is still easily made into a lunch or dinner! Your choice of grilled chicken or steak, and corn or flour tortillas. Whichever you choose will also include: queso chihuachua, avocado, and pico. With options in the quesadilla, it allows for a picky eater to choose what they like to eat—it’s a perfect meal!

Everything on “The American Side” on our Menu

We really do have that one friend that orders the burger no matter where they are… which is why we had to include a delicious burger! Along with our “Rose” Burger, we also have the Big “D” Dog, and Crispy Half Chicken.

The Rose Burger: An absolute legend, if we’re being honest. Filled with double meat and double cheese, you won’t be going home hungry after this! It also comes with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and house fries on the side.

 Our amazing burger! 

Our amazing burger! 

The Big “D” Dog: Hot dogs are a go-to for picky eaters, and this dog is so delicious. A fourth-pound of kobe beef topped with chili and cheddar cheese (um, yum!) in a brioche bun. And on the side, some fries! Again, the picky eater will be happy and full!

Crispy Half Chicken: This is a dinner only meal where we need you to call ahead to reserve one but let’s be honest—we all look at the menu before we go to a restaurant, so we know what to order roughly three days in advanced! This chicken is oven-roasted and then finished on a cast iron skillet with grilled seasonal veggies on the side! Picky eater or not, this chicken is an absolute home-run!

Chicken Palliard

Similar to the Crispy Half Chicken, but this chicken is grilled! Served with some of those delicious grilled seasonal veggies too, this plate is for the pickiest of eaters (or those that want a delicious grilled chicken breast, we don’t judge)!

 No matter what you order, we make it specially for you! 

No matter what you order, we make it specially for you! 

Just because you might be a “picky” eater doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on flavor! When creating our menu, we made sure that it was inclusive to make everyone happy and full. Enjoy!