Merry Mesero!

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Tis the season for colder weather, great food, and gift giving! If you’re like us, you hope to get all the shopping done quickly—a one-stop-shop is the way to go! So if you want to be able to warm up, eat some great food, and find a present all at one time—we’re going to have to let you in on a little secret: Mesero has it all! Today, we are going to tell you how you can give the amazing gift of Mesero. No longer do you need to stress out—come in and warm up, eat great food, and have a drink… or two!

Gifting Mesero

Everyone always says the best feeling is giving… but wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to give and receive at the same time?! We think so, which is why we have an amazing deal going on currently! Here’s what we have (and this is available at all five of our Mesero locations—you’re welcome)! When you purchase $100 worth of gift cards at Mesero, we give you a $20 gift card to use in the future! Seriously, we are pretty much giving away $20 gift cards when you purchase $100 worth of gift cards—it’s crazy! Now, this is only available in the stores—and you know this deal won’t last forever! Stop in soon before this deal runs out!

Come on in and join us soon to get this deal—it’s worth it! And when you come and visit us, have a bite to eat! It’s getting cold outside— and have you heard about our amazing soups?! Well, if you haven’t, you can check out our blog on the soups here!

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The holidays can be so stressful, which is why we are doing our best to help relieve that stress with this amazing gift card deal! Stop by to warm up, eat and drink your favorites and Mesero, and get an easy and amazing gift card to give to all of your loved one’s this holiday season!

Excellent Ensaladas!

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Are you still full from your Thanksgiving feast?! We are in the swing of the holiday season, and no matter what you celebrate, you are probably going to be eating a ton (which is never a bad thing!!). If you are looking for full flavor options that won't make you feel awful, Mesero has you covered! We have five amazingly delicious and tasty salads that are so packed with flavor, you might even forget that you are eating a salad!

Our Salads

Although salad might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mesero, it might be after you first try any of our salads! Time and again we hear from our amazing customers that they are not only hooked on one of our salads, but they crave it! That’s right—here at Mesero, we make salads that you will crave!


One of our go-to salads is our Cazera. It is loaded with delicious flavors and textures, and it all starts on a bed of romaine lettuce and mixed greens. And now we add the flavor: Applewood smoked bacon, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, roasted corn, queso de Oaxaca, tortilla strips, and an avocado vinaigrette. Seriously, we pack all of that into one salad—you’re welcome!


Del Corazon

Another favorite is our Del Corazon salad—and again, we pack it with flavor! This time, we start with bib lettuce and add: hearts of palm, avocado, heirloom grape tomatoes, and a delicious house-made vinaigrette! Honestly, you could put our vinaigrette on a shoe and you would eat it—it really is that good!

Baby Kale

An interesting (and delicious) take on a salad is our Baby Kale. It has: quinoa, spring onion, yellow beet, golden raisins, candied pecans, golden and red pear tomatoes, cilantro, queso de Oaxaca, and a lemon vinaigrette! It has the right flavors of sweet and tangy and the right textures of crunchy and soft—it is seriously a home run!


If you are looking for an elevated flavor profile in your salad—well then you have to get the Campesina! We start this salad off with nutty baby arugula and then add: golden and red beets, toasted pecans, caramelized pears, black-peppered goat cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Seriously, words cannot describe how amazing this salad is—so you will just have to join us and try it for yourself!

La Bianca

Last, and certainly not least, we have our La Bianca salad. We start this salad off with baby kale, and it only gets better from there! We add: golden and red pear tomatoes, mushrooms, fennel, quinoa, yellow raisins, toasted pecans, and a balsamic vinaigrette! We promise you, you will be hooked on La Bianca!


These salads are the perfect light, yet flavorful meal, to add to your life! Join us at any of our Mesero locations to fall in love with any (and all!!) of our salads!

Breakfast Tacos at Mesero!

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Are you looking for a way to kick up your breakfast routine?! Well, look no further than your local Mesero—because we have added a classic Texas breakfast option onto our menu (you’re welcome!!!) with a Mesero twist that you will love. Seriously, they are so new to our menu that you might not even know that we have them yet! Thankfully, we are here to tell you about the three new (and equally delicious…) breakfast tacos for you to try! Come in soon, because we know you want them… And we don’t blame you—they are delicious!

Bacon, egg, and cheese! Yum!

Bacon, egg, and cheese! Yum!

Our Breakfast Tacos

So, we have three different options when it comes to breakfast tacos. And of course, we always suggest getting one of each because they are not only all delicious, but it allows you to get different flavors—while also helping you choose your favorite breakfast taco! So, let us tell you a little bit more about our breakfast tacos!

A Look into Our Breakfast Tacos

Not so surprisingly, all of our breakfast tacos start off with some delicious scrambled eggs! We then add (and this is no matter which meat option you choose…) cheddar cheese, chives, tomatoes, and chopped Serrano peppers. Now, here come your choices that you have available to you with our breakfast tacos! First, which type of tortilla will you choose—we have flour or corn! Maybe get one of each?! We think this is the way to go, see which flavor works best for you! Next, add which meat you want—chorizo, bacon, or brisket! Tough decisions, we know! With your breakfast taco (we suggest getting more than one, so make it tacos!!), you will get Mesero papitas (potatoes) and black beans! Mmmmm we’re drooling already, are you?! Also, we suggest adding a Mr. Mesero Mimosa on the side; just a thought!

So many options, how will you choose?!

So many options, how will you choose?!

With new additions to our menu, you have to come and check it out! Let us know what one is your favorite—if you can even choose one! See you soon!

Soup-er Soups at Mesero!


The weather is finally getting chillier, and you know what that calls for?! Stopping into your local Mesero restaurant and starting off your meal with a delicious bowl of soup. There is no better way to warm up, and your stomach will thank you for choosing our soup! Located on our menu under “CALDOS”, which simply translates into broths in English, you will find three amazing options to choose from. We wish you luck only choosing one, but we promise whatever one you go with—you will be happy! Also, just come back into Mesero to try all three, you’re going to want to!

The Best Soups!

Like we said earlier, with three delicious soups that are all perfect for the upcoming fall and winter weather, it will be difficult to choose one! So, we suggest coming in and trying a new one each time you stop by! Below, we have listed our three soups that we absolutely love, and now that the weather is getting colder, we cannot wait for our awesome customers to show them some love, too!

Sopa de Fideo

A classic—chicken noodle soup! We start off with tomato-infused chicken broth (yeah, it’s better than the classic)! Then we add chile morita (a dried chile) and noodles (fideo). On top, you will find crispy onion and avocado! A Tex-Mex take on the classic chicken noodle soup, you will absolutely love it!

Pollo y Tomatillo

Chicken and tomatillo soup is similar to the idea of a chicken tortilla soup, but ours is much better! With chicken, cilantro, and tomatillo in it, you will wonder why you never ordered this before! On top, we have tortilla strips and a special Mesero slaw—seriously, it is so, so good!

Mmmmmmm... Pollo y Tomatillo Soup! 

Mmmmmmm... Pollo y Tomatillo Soup! 

Sopa de Frijoles

Sopa de Frijoles, or simply bean soup, is the best kind of comfort food around. Filled with slow-cooked pinto beans, onion, green and red pepper, and delicious Roma tomatoes, this soup is an absolute home-run! We know you will fall in love with it!


We are so happy that the weather is finally cooling off, because it is time to show some love to our delicious soups! Next time you stop into your local Mesero, make sure to try one of the three soups—you will not be disappointed!  

FALL in Love with Cocktails at Mesero!

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Every dish we have is complimented by our drinks—no matter what combination you put together, it is going to be filled with flavor and knock your socks off! In the past we have talked about our cocktails and wine options, but today we want to highlight some of our favorite cocktail options for the fall weather! We promise you, you are going to love it!

Cocktails to Try for Fall

The Pepino

It’s as cool as a cucumber… and the weather! One of our favorite margaritas we have is just itching to be drank during the fall weather. It features: herradura reposado, cointrau, and cucumber! As you can see from the picture below, it looks super cool—and it tastes even better! It might seem like a summer drink with the cucumber, but the fall season has to be about more than just pumpkins! We absolutely love this drink once the temperatures start dropping!


La Picosa

Is The Pepino a little too cool for you? Well, no worries at all—we have a special drink just for those who like it hot! Named La Picosa, it features—herradura silver, citrus, and a serrano pepper! This is not for the faint of heart! What is for, though, is for the chilly days that we will see this upcoming fall. No better way to warm up than with a deliciously spicy La Picosa at Mesero!


The Privado

To help keep summer alive even though it’s technically “fall”, we suggest Privado! A delicious cocktail that has: codigo rosa, grapefruit, and citrus! It’s a great drink to choose if you’re one of the ones (we are too, don’t worry) that does not want to accept the fact that summer is actually over. Thankfully at Mesero, we keep the summer spirit alive through delicious drinks, food, and fun!


Stop into Your Local Mesero Today! 

Whether this weather is something you love, or you are already waiting for summer 2018—our cocktails at Mesero will hit the spot and pair well with your meal! We are also currently featuring a delicious Spiced Pumpkin Rita (pictured below)— so, stop in soon to try it (or get it again)!  


Wine… Every day at Mesero!  


Since Mesero is a Tex-Mex restaurant, people usually love to pair their meals with our handcrafted cocktails (i.e. a margarita)—which we understand, since they are utterly delicious, of course! However, we want to show some love to our wine drinking friends that pair a delicious glass of red or white wine with their enchiladas, tacos, or nachos! So, today we are going to talk about two of our favorite white options, and two of our favorite red options—so next time you join us, think about trying a glass (or bottle!!) of wine with your meal!

White Wine Wonders

We love all of our thirteen white wine options we offer at our Mesero locations, but right now we are specifically obsessed with two of them.... The first is: 

Orin Swift Mannequin

Who doesn’t love a glass (or bottle, of course) of chardonnay with their dinner?! We are absolutely obsessed with this white wine from California. This chardonnay has fruity undertones that will remind you why you are so happy it is fall—it offers flavors like green apples and orange blossoms, and even some honeysuckle! This white wine is deliciously refreshing and it isn’t heavy… so go ahead and order those nachos as an appetizer, too!

Jolie Folle

Of course we have to feature an amazing rosé on our white wine list—and we are obsessed with Jolie Folle Rosé! Jolie Folle means “Crazy Beautiful”, and that’s just how we feel about this wine. It has the beautiful pink color you love from a rosé, and it has delicious flavors of strawberries, watermelon, and white peach. Honestly, we could drink this all day—and we love it paired with some enchiladas!

Untitled design.png

Ravishing Red Wine

Move over white wine, it’s time for red wine! Although we are huge fans of all fourteen options we have... We just have to tell you about two red wines that we absolutely love right now!


How can you pass up a glass of pinot noir that has hints of blackberries, wild berries, and plums?! Yeah, we aren’t sure either! A delicious option is from Banshee—and we are lovin’ this wine so hard right now. Goes great with any of our options—but we really like it with tacos! It might be weird, but don’t knock it until you try it!


A beautiful glass of Merlot from Washington state is what you will get when you order Skyfall. Absolutely delightful, we can’t stress that enough!! This wine offers deep scents of plum, vanilla, and even leather! When you take a sip of this amazing wine, you will immediately taste cherry candy (yum!), with hints of cocoa powder popping through. So good, we cannot believe you have yet to order it!

With the temperatures getting cooler, you might think it is “red wine season”, but we like to give love to both red and white wine—so pick what makes you happy! Or, try something completely different—you will never know what crazy combination of food and drink you will love at Mesero! Tacos and wine?! Sign us up!

Be Our Guest! Private Events at Mesero Prestonwood

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Did you know that multiple Mesero locations have the option to host a private event?! Well, if you didn’t, you haven’t been reading our blogs! We will bring you up to date—we have availability at our Henderson location (that we already wrote about, silly, but you can read it here), our Legacy West location (more information is soon to come, promise!), and our Prestonwood location (that we will be talking about today)! Whichever location you choose, you are bound to have an amazing time—but today, as we said, we will be talking about the private event space at our Prestonwood location—filled with views and delicious food, of course!

Bar Americano Prestonwood

Slightly smaller than our Henderson location (seriously, we wrote a blog about it earlier—check it out!), this private space makes up for its smaller space with amazing views. Located on the amazingly luscious and luxurious Prestonwood golf course, you are going to be blown away! The views are so good that you might not ever host a party elsewhere—especially when you consider that you are able to eat Mesero food, too!


To give you a little more information about what is included when you host a party with us, we will start with how many people we are able to fit. Like we said earlier, this is a little smaller than our Henderson location. This private space is able to fit up to 40 people seated (comfortably, we might add), or 70 people reception style. Although it is smaller, we offer a lot that makes your party amazing. This includes the ever-so-important fully stocked bar! We love our delicious Mesero menu so much, and we know how well it goes with our specialty drinks—so this will definitely come in handy for your private event! We also have private bathrooms just for your party—which is not only nice, but important! We want you to feel as though you are at home when you host a private event with us, and this is just one way we can do that for you!


We also have the option to “buy out” our whole entire restaurant (this goes for all locations!) if you need extra space—so do not hesitate to give us a call to ask! We are here to make your private event the best it can be, and we look forward to making your event as special as can be!

Instagram THAT at Mesero!

No matter what Mesero location you go to, your meal is going to be delicious to both your stomach and your eyes! Instagramming food is something that is huge—there are people who go all over the world to take pictures of food that is “Instagram worthy”. Luckily for you, you will not have to travel around the world to find food (and drinks!) that are going to pull in the likes on your Instagram page! Today, we are going to talk about a few of our favorite food and drink options that will impress you, your stomach, your eyes, and your Instagram followers!

Instagram Worthy at Mesero

Everything we have at Mesero is a delicious option, but today we are going to talk about a few of our favorite things to take pictures of! Or, if you aren’t really into taking pictures of food—take pictures of our amazing interior and exterior with your friends—no matter what, Mesero is an Instagram worthy place to take pictures of food, drinks, and friends!

The Brandon

A classically refreshing drink that you know and love from Mesero—The Brandon is our first Instagram worthy drink! Pictured below, it is obvious why! It is a frozen micorita, with mango and strawberry purée added to it! Of course, it tastes just as good (if not better!) than it looks! The different layers of the drink will impress your Instagram followers!


Salmon A La Plancha

Available in both lunch and dinner sizes—this plate is deliciously colorful and deserves to be plastered all over Instagram! This dish revolves around blackened salmon. We add some pops of color by having sautéed bell peppers, red cabbage, mushrooms, roasted corn, and poblano peppers! Your Instagram followers will be impressed, and drooling, once you post this picture!


Frosé (Frozen Rosé)

No Instagram list would be complete without frosé! Frosé has taken over the Internet recently, so of course we have to offer a delicious and Instagram worthy drink option! It is frozen rosé, vodka, and licor—and we promise you it is delicious and perfect for any day of the week! Pictured below, it is obvious that this drink will cause your Instagram followers some jealousy!


Camaron Tacos

Of course, we have to highlight some beautiful tacos—and our favorite right now is our Camaron Tacos! Sautéed garlic shrimp, roasted poblano, onion, chile aioli, slaw, and white rice—just thinking about seeing this makes us want to like a picture on Instagram of it! Deliciously pleasing to the stomach and the eyes, your Instagram followers will be impressed!!


Now, these are only a couple of our picture worthy options—we honestly see anything from Mesero being worthy of a picture! These just happen to be some of our favorites right now! Stop in today to get a delicious meal that is sure to impress both you, and your Instagram followers!