Be Our Guest! Private Events at Mesero Prestonwood

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Did you know that multiple Mesero locations have the option to host a private event?! Well, if you didn’t, you haven’t been reading our blogs! We will bring you up to date—we have availability at our Henderson location (that we already wrote about, silly, but you can read it here), our Legacy West location (more information is soon to come, promise!), and our Prestonwood location (that we will be talking about today)! Whichever location you choose, you are bound to have an amazing time—but today, as we said, we will be talking about the private event space at our Prestonwood location—filled with views and delicious food, of course!

Bar Americano Prestonwood

Slightly smaller than our Henderson location (seriously, we wrote a blog about it earlier—check it out!), this private space makes up for its smaller space with amazing views. Located on the amazingly luscious and luxurious Prestonwood golf course, you are going to be blown away! The views are so good that you might not ever host a party elsewhere—especially when you consider that you are able to eat Mesero food, too!


To give you a little more information about what is included when you host a party with us, we will start with how many people we are able to fit. Like we said earlier, this is a little smaller than our Henderson location. This private space is able to fit up to 40 people seated (comfortably, we might add), or 70 people reception style. Although it is smaller, we offer a lot that makes your party amazing. This includes the ever-so-important fully stocked bar! We love our delicious Mesero menu so much, and we know how well it goes with our specialty drinks—so this will definitely come in handy for your private event! We also have private bathrooms just for your party—which is not only nice, but important! We want you to feel as though you are at home when you host a private event with us, and this is just one way we can do that for you!


We also have the option to “buy out” our whole entire restaurant (this goes for all locations!) if you need extra space—so do not hesitate to give us a call to ask! We are here to make your private event the best it can be, and we look forward to making your event as special as can be!

Instagram THAT at Mesero!

No matter what Mesero location you go to, your meal is going to be delicious to both your stomach and your eyes! Instagramming food is something that is huge—there are people who go all over the world to take pictures of food that is “Instagram worthy”. Luckily for you, you will not have to travel around the world to find food (and drinks!) that are going to pull in the likes on your Instagram page! Today, we are going to talk about a few of our favorite food and drink options that will impress you, your stomach, your eyes, and your Instagram followers!

Instagram Worthy at Mesero

Everything we have at Mesero is a delicious option, but today we are going to talk about a few of our favorite things to take pictures of! Or, if you aren’t really into taking pictures of food—take pictures of our amazing interior and exterior with your friends—no matter what, Mesero is an Instagram worthy place to take pictures of food, drinks, and friends!

The Brandon

A classically refreshing drink that you know and love from Mesero—The Brandon is our first Instagram worthy drink! Pictured below, it is obvious why! It is a frozen micorita, with mango and strawberry purée added to it! Of course, it tastes just as good (if not better!) than it looks! The different layers of the drink will impress your Instagram followers!


Salmon A La Plancha

Available in both lunch and dinner sizes—this plate is deliciously colorful and deserves to be plastered all over Instagram! This dish revolves around blackened salmon. We add some pops of color by having sautéed bell peppers, red cabbage, mushrooms, roasted corn, and poblano peppers! Your Instagram followers will be impressed, and drooling, once you post this picture!


Frosé (Frozen Rosé)

No Instagram list would be complete without frosé! Frosé has taken over the Internet recently, so of course we have to offer a delicious and Instagram worthy drink option! It is frozen rosé, vodka, and licor—and we promise you it is delicious and perfect for any day of the week! Pictured below, it is obvious that this drink will cause your Instagram followers some jealousy!


Camaron Tacos

Of course, we have to highlight some beautiful tacos—and our favorite right now is our Camaron Tacos! Sautéed garlic shrimp, roasted poblano, onion, chile aioli, slaw, and white rice—just thinking about seeing this makes us want to like a picture on Instagram of it! Deliciously pleasing to the stomach and the eyes, your Instagram followers will be impressed!!


Now, these are only a couple of our picture worthy options—we honestly see anything from Mesero being worthy of a picture! These just happen to be some of our favorites right now! Stop in today to get a delicious meal that is sure to impress both you, and your Instagram followers!

Brunch with Us!

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Here at Mesero we are all about delicious food and good fun—which is why you need to join us for brunch! So maybe you’re asking yourself why you would want to join us for brunch, and the reason is because it’s not only brunch, but it’s brunch at Mesero—what could be better?! We have tasty options that will satisfy your hunger in the form of delicious main dishes, sides, desserts, and (of course) drinks!

Brunch at Mesero

No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have something you will love from our brunch menu! This delicious brunch menu ranges from Huevos Mesero, to an Egg White Scramble, French Toast, seasonal smoothies, and more!

We love all of our brunch menu options, but right now we are obsessed with the French Toast. It starts off with tasty challah bread (so thick and delicious!), and then it is topped with whipped Mexican crema fresh, cinnamon, and the sweetest caramelized green apples! This French Toast has a delicious and upscale food profile that will remind you of your childhood, but show that you’re a sophisticated adult!

Our delicious French Toast! 

Our delicious French Toast! 

Side Dishes & Desserts

No brunch is complete without side dish options to stuff you up! We, of course, have bacon—because a brunch menu without bacon just isn’t a brunch menu. We also have: poached eggs, fingerling potatoes, and guajillo roasted veggies! All delicious, it may be hard to choose just one, so thankfully you can order them all!

Now, brunch is sweet—but our desserts are even sweeter! We have our renowned Cinco Leches cake, Choco Flan, and Carrot Cake! All of which are delicious, and pretty healthy—right? (milk is good for you! Chocolate is good for you! Carrots are good for you!) So, next time you stop in for brunch, try not to fill up on the main dishes so you end your brunch with the best dessert!

Our renowned Cinco Leches Cake! 

Our renowned Cinco Leches Cake! 


No brunch would be right without a cocktail menu, of course! We have six different and fun cocktails on our brunch menu that range from the classic Bloody Mary, to a customer-favorite Paris 57, and (of course) we have a scrumptious mimosa—the Mr. Mesero Mimosa! No matter what, our cocktail menu will have something for you!

We hope to see you in, soon, for a delicious and fun-filled brunch!


Shhhh... Enchilada Secrets!


It’s no secret that our menu at Mesero is delicious—but we have heard so many times that once people try any of our enchiladas they are hooked! Maybe you want to try something different than enchiladas on our menu, but then you might get jealous (note: food envy is a real thing!!) if someone gets one of our enchiladas… and even worse if that person doesn’t even offer you a bite! We are going to break down each of our enchiladas so that you can better understand why they are so delicious.

Enchilada Breakdown

On our menu we have five different enchilada options—all of which are delicious and come with two enchiladas and rice in the meal! However, sometimes our menu might contain words that are new to you—so we are here to not only breakdown our enchiladas, but also translate what they are for you!



A base of cheese enchiladas which is then doused with delicious chile con carne (translation: a delicious beef chili sauce) and then served with arroz rojo (translation: red rice).


Two chicken enchiladas that are then covered with our delicious mole sauce with white rice on the side. Mole sauce is a traditionally Mexican that is based off flavors of yummy peppers, and tastes delicious on anything—especially these enchiladas.


Based off two chicken enchiladas, these enchiladas are a definite favorite! The two enchiladas are then covered with a beautiful green sauce made from fresh tomatillos! We don’t stop there, either, because we then add two different cheeses (queso fresco and crema Mexicana) and then top it all off with red onion and add a side of tasty red rice! An eye-catching dish that will make your stomach happy!


Two chicken enchiladas that are topped with a deliciously creamy cheese sauce called cremaqueso, and we also add cilantro cream on top of that—seriously so delicious! Lastly, it comes with a side of white rice.


Our last enchilada is made up of two Chihuahua cheese enchiladas which is topped with a delicious and colorful red sauce and a slight drizzle of cilantro cream. And then served with green rice! It's like a party on a plate! 

So, we told you some of our secrets and gave you a more in-depth look into our enchilada options—but we can’t spill all the beans on our enchilada secrets!


… Or maybe you’re hooked on one of our other dishes, we get that too! Next time you join us at any of our five locations, give our enchiladas a try! If you’re a little more conservative, you might want to try one of our “Las Combinaciones” to mix and match something you are used to and add something new—like a Tejano enchilada!

Join Us! Private Dining at Mesero Henderson

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Do you have an important event coming up soon? Well, look no further than our Mesero Henderson location! Conveniently located upstairs are our Henderson location, this space is to die for. It is trendy, fun, and comfortable for your next party—and the best part is that you get to enjoy our delicious food while not stressing out about where you want to host your party and what kind of food to serve! We take care of the hard part!

Finding private dining has never been easier, or more delicious, when you choose Mesero Henderson. Pricing and more information about our Henderson location can be found under our “Private Events” tab on our website, or it can even be found easily through our Facebook page!

What We Offer

Other than our beautiful Henderson location to begin with, this Mesero’s private dining is located upstairs—so you know it will be completely private for whatever event you have in the upcoming future! This space can fit from 20 all the way up to 70 seated. If you are looking for more—we can also fit up to 120 people reception style!

Within this lovely space, it has a lot to offer—starting with a fully stocked bar! We don’t know about you, but to us this is important no matter what the event is! Along with this, we also have a beautiful fireplace that really pulls the space together!


If you need to give a presentation, want graphics, or sound—we have everything you need! We have an A/V sound system and a smart screen that will enhance your presentation!

Lastly, our private event space has a beautiful balcony to breathe in the fresh Texas air and overlook some of the city! The space also includes private bathrooms and an elevator for you and your party to use!

Now, we may be a little biased—but this is the spot to be for a private dining event. If our Henderson location is too far for you, do not fret! We have two more locations with private dining areas—check back later for more information on both of these locations! For now, we cannot wait to host your next event for you at Henderson Mesero!

Patio Dining at Mesero Prestonwood

brunch on our patio!.png

Have you eaten on Mesero's (Prestonwood location) patio yet? If not, you just have to! Yes, it may be dangerously warm outside in Dallas, but here at Mesero we have drinks that will cool you off enough to enjoy your time on our patio. Your food, drinks, and amazing view will keep your mind off the heat! 

Brunch on our Patio!

The best part about our patio is that it backs up to a beautiful golf course that is on White Rock Creek—we promise that the views will help keep your mind off how warm it is, and then our food will take you to a whole different and delicious world. Seriously, people on TripAdvisor seriously love our patio! Even though it might be hard to remember that one day it will get colder and 100 degrees will not always be a normal temperature, we also have little fires that are placed along our patio to keep you warm when necessary! We love our patio, we love our views, and we love our food—and we want to share all of them with you no matter what the weather may be!

We love eating out on our patio at all times, but one of our favorite times to do this is at brunch—it’s the perfect time to be outside and enjoy both delicious food and drinks! For brunch, we have seven different and flavorsome options for whatever you could be feeling that day—you want French toast? No worries we have that with delicious caramelized green apples and cinnamon! Are you more in the mood for eggs? No worries—we have five different options that have eggs—Huevos Mesero, Huevos Chorizo, Chlaquiles, Egg White Scramble, and La Campesina. We love all of our egg-filled options, but if we had to choose only one—we would choose our chilaquiles dish! To translate what this dish is, it is carefully poached eggs with chicken, Chihuahua queso, delicious chile avocado sauce, a crispy corn tortilla, and black beans. It’s so delicious we frequently wish it was on the regular menu as well!


Lastly, we all know you need something to wash down your brunch—sure you could settle for a glass of water or an iced tea—but we have seasonal smoothies that are to die for! Or, if you are looking to kick up your brunch (i.e. ordering a cocktail) we have six different options to choose from. Again, all delicious, but you just cannot go wrong with a Bloody Mary at our brunch!

We cannot wait to see you again—and we hope next time you visit our Prestonwood location you choose to sit on our patio to enjoy your brunch!  

It's All About The Tequila: The Micorita and Spin-Offs

it's all about the tequila.png

What goes better with your shrimp ceviche appetizer and your carne asada dinner at Mesero? A delicious homemade cocktail! On our drink menu, we have sixteen different cocktails that are all tasty in their own way—we have some made especially for those who like the heat (spice heat, we still aren’t sure about this Texas heat this month…). No matter which cocktail option you choose, we promise you will not be disappointed with your choice! Below we will list a couple of our favorite options to choose from, especially during the relentless heat that is Texas summer that all revolve around our delicious margarita we call Micorita!

The Micorita—The Original and Spin-Offs

Our famous Micorita is named after Mico Rodriguez—the man behind the delicious menu and spaces that make up Mesero! The Micorita is a margarita that is crafted with El Jimador Reposado and comes either on the rocks or frozen. This tequila is crafted with both love and passion, and we promise you can taste it in our Micorita. El Jimador Reposado has delicious hints of spice, fruit, wood, vanilla, and even subtle hints of deliciously toasted hazelnuts. Not so surprising, this tequila has won a ton of awards—this includes the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012, and over twenty-five other awards since the year of 2010! The only way to create delicious drinks is to start with a delicious, and award winning tequila—and El Jimador Reposado is just the tequila to craft our amazing Micorita and its spin-offs.


We then use the classic Micorita as a base for a few other drinks, like the El Santo, the Brandon, Mr. Trey, The Green One and Paris.

El Santo

The El Santo starts with the frozen Micorita and then we add delicious and house-made Sangria—a delicious mix that you cannot go wrong with!

The Brandon

Next up we have The Brandon—it is the same thing as the El Santo but we add delicious mango-strawberry purée! Seriously, we didn’t think we could make our Micorita any better until we crafted the Brandon—refreshing and delicious on warm Texas days!

Mr. Trey

Back to its basics, we crafted Mr. Trey with the base of frozen Micorita and added Grand Marnier. Like The Brandon, this drink has hints of fruit from Grand Marnier's orange flavor! Both delicious and beautiful!

The Green One

Another option that is super refreshing is The Green One, that starts with the frozen Micorita and then we add midori, or melon liqueur.


Last up we have Paris. Again, we use the El Santo and bump it up by adding muddled raspberry. This just means we have simply pressed the raspberries into the side of your glass with a muddler to release the delicious and fresh flavors raspberries have to offer!

No matter what option you choose, you will not be disappointed! Next time you stop in, make sure to check out our delicious cocktails that stem from the Micorita!


Mesero at Legacy West—Our Fifth Location!

Garlic Powder.png

After three years in the making, Legacy West is officially open in Plano, TX— and we here at Mesero could not be happier to be part of it! So many people have started to disregard shopping centers as places to be with online shopping increasing in popularity, however, Legacy West is the place to be for more than just shopping since it offers both office and living spaces. Oh, and of course, delicious options for food. Our favorite, although slightly biased, has got to be Mesero! Our fifth location is conveniently located in Legacy West—next to the Tommy Bahama Store, and across from J. Crew and Tesla! For our customers convenience we are open from: 11 AM to 9:30 PM, Sunday through Thursday, and 11 AM to 10:30 PM Friday and Saturday! When your shopping bags are full, but your stomach isn't, Mesero is the perfect place to stop!

Legacy West— Where and What?

Legacy West is located on the Dallas North Tollway and State Highway 121 and has more than 300,000 square feet of both shops and restaurants. Along with this, another 300,000 square feet of office space, more than 1,000 apartments and even a high-rise hotel. Now, online shopping may be cool and convenient to some, but Legacy West offers housing, shopping, and dining—a three in one deal that you definitely cannot find online. When you are not eating at Mesero, you can shop at high-end stores such as Tesla, J. Crew, Madewell, and West Elm. Legacy West really is your one-stop-shop destination for great stores and delicious food from Mesero!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.11.38 PM.png

Mesero—More than Just Tex Mex!

After you have shopped, and feel like you might drop, Mesero is the place to be for delicious food and drinks. So much of Texas cuisine revolves around Tex Mex, but at Mesero we are able to offer much more than your average Tex Mex with a delicious and well-rounded menu to make everyone in your family happy! That is obvious through our slogan located on our restaurant—Mexican Spirit, American Life. When you join us here at Mesero, we promise you good fun and great food for both lunch and dinner.

Though most of our menu revolves around the Tex Mex side with some of our favorite offerings including our Oaxaquenas Enchiladas (translation: chicken enchiladas with mole and rice), we also have a whole section of our menu dedicated to “The American Side” that includes: a hot dog, a hamburger, a brisket sandwich, and a half chicken (note: half chicken is a dinner option only)! We have included these options so that everyone can find something that they love at our restaurant, especially after a long day of shopping!


After the anticipation of Legacy West opening for the past three years, we could not be more excited to be a part of the family, and we cannot wait to see both new and familiar faces at our fifth location! We hope to see you very, very soon with filled shopping bags and an empty stomach that we will gladly fill!