Monday Motivation with Mesero

Mondays are the worst day of the week by all accounts. You’ve just had an amazing weekend relaxing, watching football, catching up on things around the house, and then boom! Just like that the weekend is over and the dreaded alarm goes off on Monday morning. Having a case of the Mondays is a real thing and at Mesero we’re here to help. We say, don’t look at Mondays as a dreaded day, instead celebrate the new week ahead and the endless opportunities of a new week!

Cocktail Fun

What better way to celebrate than with a deliciously refreshing drink?! As Mesero we couldn’t agree more and that’s why we hope you stop in today (and any Monday) and try a tasty drink like our T-N-T: Tequila N Topo! How fun does that sound, right?! And of course, since you’re indulging at Mesero, you know you have options! When ordering your T-N-T, you have a choice from several top tequila options like Heradura Silver,  Reposado, Mesero Double Barrel, Casamigos lanco, Codigó Silver, Clase Azul Reposado, Suprema and more!



If you’re kicking off a new week with a delicious drink, you need some amazing food to go with it. Try from any of our awesome starters like our QUESO MESERO (queso chihuahua, spinach, artichoke, poblano with brisket, chorizo, or tipico), QUESO TEJANO (cheddar cheese a la mexicana, green and red bell pepper with brisket, chorizo, or tipico), or our AGUACATES “GUACAMOLE” (either TIPICO: avocado, lime, sea salt or CLASICO: habanero, cilantro, red onion).

Or dive right into the good stuff with our Enchiladas like our VERDES (two chicken enchiladas, tomatillo, red onion, queso fresco, crema mexicana, arroz rojo) or our CREMAQUESO (two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo); our Tacos like our ATÚN AHÍ (seared ahi tuna, sesame seed, pico, roasted red pepper drizzle, green onions, arroz blanco) or our SALMÓN (blackened salmon, corn, chile aioli, mesero slaw, arroz blanco); or one of our Principales like our POLLO LA BRASA “Double R” (grilled airline chicken, cheddar chipotle grits, arugula salad, pickled sweet onion, guajillo essence) or our FRIED RICE “La China” (cilantro shrimp, crispy pork, blanco and verde arroz, mushroom, heirloom grape tomato, fried egg).


Stop in today and let’s get this new week off to a great start! Salud!


Celebrate National Beer Day with Mesero

This weekend not only can you enjoy the best Mexican food in the Dallas area at Mesero, but you can also enjoy a nice cold cerveza while celebrating National Beer Day! What a great reason to celebrate and at Mesero we have just the right beer for your “cheers!” Plus we have a great selection of appetizers and entrees to pair with your beer. Stop in on Saturday, September 28th and celebrate National Beer Day with Mesero!

Cold Beer

If you’re coming to Mesero to celebrate National Beer Day, we have a great selection of nice cold beers just for you. First, we give you a nice selection of Mexican cervezas like Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Victoria, XX Lager, and Corona Premier. Next, we are happy to offer you a wonderful selection of Seasonal and Locally Crafted beers. Simply ask your Mesero server what’s available when you sit down. We also offer you American classics like Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. And for those who want to celebrate, but can’t have (or just don’t want) alcohol, how about a Beck’s Non-Alcoholic beer instead? Last, but not least, we can turn any beer into a delicious Michelada. Just choose your beer and we’ll get you the rest!

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 11.19.18 AM.png

Tasty Treats

If you’re enjoying a cold beer, you’ll need some tasty food to go with it! Try one (or more) of our appetizers like our QUESADILLAS AL GUSTO, QUESO FUNDIDO, BLACKENED SHRIMP AND GRITS, or our LOADED JALEPENOS. Move on to one of our awesome entrees like our POLLO LA BRASA “Double R”, FRIED RICE “La China”, BRAISED PORK “The Chairman”, or our CARNE ASADA. And of course we have classic Mexican fare like Tacos and Enchiladas.

Whatever you choose to pair with your beer, you will be celebrating National Beer Day in style with Mesero! We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!



*National Beer Day is September 28, 2019


Brunch and Football at Mesero

We all love a Sunday Fun Day, right? Why not start your Sunday Fun Day at Mesero. We’ve been voted a top brunch spot in DFW, so where else would you go?! And of course, Sunday Fun Day is not complete without cheering on your favorite football team (or players for those fantasy champs). We’ll be here serving up delish dish after dish all day! Come for pregame, indulge through halftime, and have a drink post game. We’ve got you covered all day! Stop by Sunday and join us as we cheer on our Cowboys!

Brunch Options

We weren’t voted a top brunch spot in DFW for nothing. We were voted so because we give you so many delicious options. From our amazing HUEVOS MESERO with two sunny-side up eggs, tomato, jalapeño, queso chihuahua, with mesero papitas & black beans; to our delicious MESERO SCRAMBLE with three eggs (whites available upon request), choice of cheddar, chive, tomato, jalapeño, chorizo, brisket or bacon, with mesero papitas & black beans; to our CHILAQUILES with two sunny-side up eggs, chicken, queso chihuahua, crispy corn tortilla, with black beans; you can’t go wrong!

We also have our tasty BREAKFAST TACOS featuring flour or corn tortilla, scrambled eggs, choice of cheddar, chive, tomato, jalapeño, chorizo, brisket or bacon, with mesero papitas & black beans; our BREAKFAST TOSTADA with sunny-side up egg, chorizo, salsa roja, queso fresco, black beans, with mesero papitas; and our AMERICAN LIFE with two eggs your way, with mesero papitas, bacon, coffee or juice.

And if you like something sweet for brunch, we’ve got you! Try our scrumptious FRENCH TOAST with challa bread, whipped mexican crema fresh, cinnamon, and caramelized green apples. Yum!

Brunch Cocktails

If you’re brunching, and watching football, you need some libations! We have our MESERO MIMOSA (Grey Goose, orange citrus, prosecco), THE BLOODY MARY (Belvedere, lime, tomato juice, and spice), and our SANGRE REAL (Milagro Reposado, Cointreau, and blood orange, ginger).

Stop in and see us this Sunday for the most fun day ever!




Win Big At Mesero!

It’s the weekend and that means it’s time for some fun! And what better way to have fun than by entering for your chance to win free Mesero?!?! That’s right, we’re giving you the chance to WIN A $25 GIFT CARD for you and a friend! HAPPY FRI-YAY!! Visit Mesero’s Facebook page and click on our most recent post (you can find it here). Simply tag a friend in the comments of the post that you’d like to “Cheers!” the weekend with at Mesero and you will be entered in a drawing to each win $25 gift cards! Mesero has 5 sets of gift cards that will be given away to 5 sets of friends! How cool is that?! Deadline to enter is Sunday, September 8th at 9 pm! Visit our Facebook page now and get to tagging!!!

Drinks For All

What can you drink with your winnings? Oh we have some many awesome cocktail options to choose from! Try our delicious BERRY STREET which is made frozen with our house-made blueberry purée liquor. Yum! Or how about our MEXICAN MARTINI with herradura reposado, cointreau, citrus, and olive? Yes please! And you can’t go wrong with a tasty FRESA FUEGO featuring casamigos blanco, cointreau, strawberry purée, citrus, jalapeño. OMG!


Food To Match

Obviously if you’re enjoying one of our refreshing cocktails, you’ll need some amazing food to go with it! Begin your meal with one of our great starters like our NACHOS TEJANOS with pinto-refried, cheddar cheese, avocado, jalapeño, crema Mexicana (choice of grilled chicken or brisket, asada, camarón, or salmon). Or try our fun BLACKENED SHRIMP AND GRITS featuring cheddar chipotle grits, blackened shrimp, bacon, crushed red pepper, tomato, garlic!

Get to the good stuff with our awesome entrees like our CREMAQUESO enchiladas (two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo), our CARNITAS TACOS (roasted pork crisp, onion, cilantro, pulla, mesero slaw, arroz rojo), our CHICKEN PAILLARD (butterflied, grilled chicken breast, seasonal veggies), or our SEARED ATÚN AHÍ (seared ahi tuna, sesame seed, roasted red pepper drizzle, spring mix, avocado, arroz blanco).



Enter today and good luck!!!

*Must enter by September 8, 2019 at 9pm.











Enchiladas For Everyone!

At Mesero, we have spent years mastering our craft and that means we can offer you some of the most amazing Mexican dishes you can imagine! From Tacos, to Cocidos, to amazing meat and fish dishes, we have so many awesome things for you to enjoy at Mesero. One of our favorite items on the menu is our Enchiladas. Not only are our Enchiladas absolutely amazing, our menu gives you so many options for Enchiladas that everyone and every taste bud in your party will be happy!

All of our Enchiladas come with your choice of beans. Choose from black, pinto-refried, or de la olla. You can also add pollo, brisket, or camaron for $3 or asada, salmon, or atún for $4. Now let’s get to the good part, our options! We have our TEJANOS - two cheese enchiladas, chili con carne sauce, arroz rojo; our OAXAQUEÑAS - two chicken enchiladas, mole, arroz blanco; our VERDES - two chicken enchiladas, tomatillo, red onion, queso fresco, crema mexicana, arroz rojo; CREMAQUESO - two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo; ROJAS - two chihuahua cheese enchiladas, red sauce, cilantro cream, arroz verde, and our CAMARÓN - sautéed garlic shrimp, cremaqueso, red pepper drizzle, arroz blanco. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong!



If you’re enjoying an amazing Enchilada at Mesero, you must pair it with one of our delicious cocktails! What goes better with Enchiladas than tequila? Satisfy your palate with concoctions like our MEXICAN MARTINI - herradura reposado, cointreau, citrus, olive; or our LA DOÑA (REGULAR OR SKINNY) - herradura reposado, cointreau, citrus; a MESERITA - herradura silver, cointreau, citrus; or get spicy with our FRESA FUEGO - casamigos blanco, cointreau, strawberry purée, citrus, jalapeño.


With an ever-expanding menu and a cocktail list to rival the best, we promise that your experience at Mesero will be great! Stop in to one of our locations today and check us out!


Back to School with Mesero

That time of year parents have been waiting all Summer for is finally here: Back to School time! We know how excited parents are for the kids to be back in school, but we also know that means your schedule is now back to crazy! From kids’ activities, practices, homework, open houses, and just about anything else you can think of, your calendar is packed.  What to do for dinner should not be an added stress on your plate. Stop into Mesero today and let us help!

At Mesero we will take care of the cooking AND the cleaning. All you have to do is order, then sit back and relax as you enjoy a delicious meal without the stress of having to make it yourself. It will also give you the time to ask the kids how everything is going in their new grade, with the new teacher, and what lies ahead for the year.

Kids Menu

If you’re bringing the kids in and want to fill their bellies while they fill your hearts with their tales of the new school year, you need some good food for them. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! Our MESERITOS MENU (kids 12 and under) gives your kid the choice of taco, enchilada, quesadilla, fajita, nacho, single “Rose” burger, hot dog, chicken tenders, or Mesero mac & cheese. Each entrée is served with rice, beans or house fries. The kiddos will definitely enjoy their back to school special! 


For the Adults

While the kids indulge in their meals, we have great options for the parents as well. Try from favorites like our Enchiladas including our CREMAQUESO (two chicken enchiladas, creamaqueso, cilantro cream, arroz rojo), our ROJAS (two chihuahua cheese enchiladas, red sauce, cilantro cream, arroz verde) or our CAMARÓN (sautéed garlic shrimp, cremaqueso, red pepper drizzle, arroz blanco). Or indulge in one of our amazing entrees like our POLLO LA BRASA “Double R” (grilled airline chicken, cheddar chipotle grits, arugula salad, pickled sweet onion, guajillo essence), our FRIED RICE “La China” (cilantro shrimp, crispy pork, blanco and verde arroz, mushroom, heirloom grape tomato, fried egg), or our BRAISED PORK “The Chairman” (chile seco, cremini mushroom, jalapeño ranch, roasted peppers, onions, arroz rojo).


And don’t forget our awesome selections of cocktails to wash it all down!



We can’t wait to see you soon.


Wind Down Summer at Mesero

Summer is sadly almost at an end, so why not take advantage of the good times while they last and wind down Summer with a sweet treat and drink at Mesero? Nothing says a good time like enjoying a sweet dessert and a refreshing drink while taking in those beautiful Texas sunsets. Stop by today and indulge in one of our delicious desserts and tasty cocktails!

Sweet Treats

At Mesero, we have mastered our menu and packed it full with amazing dishes like our Nachos Conocidos, Oaxaqueñas Enchiladas, Pollo La Brasa “Double R,” Camarón Tacos, Crispy “Dailey” Fish a la Playa Tacos, and Salmõn a la Plancha. But we’ve also created some delicious desserts to finish your meal (or be your meal if that’s the type of day you want…..we approve!). We have our scrumptious Cinco Leches which is a vanilla sponge cake is soaked in tres leches (whole milk, heavy cream, and condensed milk), topped with fresh-whipped heavy cream, and served on dulce de leche caramel.

We also have our Choco Flan which is a chocolate cake, caramel flan combination as well as our fantastic Carrot Cake which is house-made, served warm, topped with fresh whipped cinnamon cream and coconut flakes! 

Tasty Cocktails

If you’re having dessert, you definitely need a cocktail to go with it! Try one of our tatsy cocktails like our El Diabole (with Devils River Bourbon and our berry-basil smash), or our La Luna Margarita (a frozen margarita with roasted jalapeños,a splash of Grand Marnier, a garnish of Tajin, and a dry chili pepper) or our Mariposa Margarita!

And of course don’t forget our Happy Hour on Monday thru Thursday - $2 off all cocktails and $2 off all appetizers from 3 pm to 5 pm!

Let us help you wind down Summer in one of our restaurants today!





National Tequila Day At Mesero

On July 24th, it is one of Mesero’s favorite days: National Tequila Day! We have perfected our drink menu with some of the best tequila cocktails around! Stop in to any of our Mesero locations this Wednesday and celebrate National Tequila Day with us!

What is Tequila?

Tequila can trace its roots back to the 16th century. With the arrival of Spanish conquistadors to the North American continent, the introduction of copper stills allowed for a whole new distilling process. In Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico locals began distilling Blue Agave, which is the only succulent that produces the nectar to distill tequila.

Mexico has officially stated that tequila is only tequila if it is made within Jalisco. Additionally, there are laws that limit production to regions in the states of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas (although other regions of the world do in fact produce tequila as well). With that much care and dedication to the production of tequila, it’s no wonder it is appreciated around the world. And of course, why it gets its own National Day!

Our Tequila Favorites

At Mesero, we are proud of the creative and unique drinks menu we’ve created. Most of our drinks contain tequila, so it is only fitting you celebrate National Tequila Day with us! Try from any of our delicious and refreshing drinks like THE ORIGINAL (Herradura “el Jimador” served frozen or on the rocks), LA PERFECCIÓN (double barrel Herradura, Cointreau, citrus, lava salt, gold), our MESERITA (Herradura Silver, Cointreau, citrus), LA PICOSA (Herradura Silver, citrus, serrano), JALAPIÑA (Herradura Reposado, piña fresco, jalapeño, Cointreau, citrus), SIZE 2 (Herradura Silver, citrus, stevia), T–N–T (Heradura Silver, Reposado, Mesero double barrel, Casamigos Blanco, Codigó Silver, Rosa, Clase Azul Reposado, Playa Real Mandarin, Playa Real Pineapple, Suprema, Don Julio ‘1942, or Casa Dragones), PRIVADO (Codigó Silver, grapefruit, citrus), FRESA FUEGO (Casamigos Blanco, Cointreau, strawberry purée, citrus, jalapeño), CUCO - THE MULE (Herradura Silver, Cointreau, citrus, ginger beer), MEXICAN MARTINI (Herradura Reposado, Cointreau, citrus, olive) or a SOLO (chilled Patron, with or without training wheels).


We can’t wait to see you on Wednesday!