Celebrate Father's Day At Mesero

In just a few days, we’ll be celebrating Dad and all that he does for us throughout the year. What better way to show Dad how much we love and appreciate him than with a delicious meal and a tasty drink at Mesero? Stop in this Sunday for Brunch with Dad! Let Dad take the day off and let Mesero do all of the hard work. Stop in to any of our locations and get the celebrations started!

 Mesero Brunch

If you’re celebrating Dad, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! At Mesero, we have an awesome Brunch Menu that will leave Dad’s heart and stomach full. Dad can choose from great options like our BREAKFAST TACOS (flour or corn tortilla, scrambled eggs, choice of cheddar, chive, tomato, jalapeño, chorizo, brisket or bacon, with mesero papitas & black beans), our BREAKFAST TOSTADA (sunny-side up egg, chorizo, salsa roja, queso fresco, black beans, with mesero papitas), our AMERICAN LIFE (two eggs your way, with mesero papitas, bacon, coffee or juice), our FRENCH TOAST (challa bread, whipped mexican crema fresh, cinnamon, with caramelized green apples) or our THE BREAKFAST SANDWICH (sliced brioche, scambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, aioli, with fruit).


If Dad wants just a bit more, we have a wonderful selection of sides as well: applewood-smoked bacon, fingerling potatoes, cheddar chipotle grits, and roasted vegetables. Whatever Dad wants, Dad gets!

Drinks for Dad

And of course, we have Brunch drinks for Dad like our MESERO MIMOSA (grey goose, orange citrus, prosecco), THE BLOODY MARY (belvedere, lime, tomato juice, spice), and SANGRE REAL (milagro reposado, cointreau, blood orange, ginger). If he prefers something a little stronger, fear not! We also have a full Drink Menu filled with margaritas, cocktails, wine, and beer. Dad cannot go wrong with whatever he chooses!


And we want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of our awesome Dads who are part of the Mesero team! We’re so proud of you all! Thank you for making a difference!

Our Legacy West Dads!

Our Legacy West Dads!


Beat the Heat at Mesero!

Summer isn’t officially here for another couple weeks, but don’t tell Texas that. It already feels HOT, HOT, HOT!!! What better way to beat the heat than with a refreshingly cool drink (or two)  and a crisp salad at Mesero?!  We have perfected our menu and drink list to cool everyone down! Stop in and enjoy your meal and drink in the A/C today!


If you want something crisp and refreshing to cool down, we have a great selection of Ensaladas (Salads) to help you! Try our DEL CORAZON with bibb lettuce, hearts of palm, avocado, heirloom grape tomato, and house-made vinaigrette. Or how about our BABY KALE with  quinoa, spring onion, yellow beet, golden raisin, candied pecan, golden and red pear tomato, cilantro, queso oaxaca, and lemon vinaigrette? We also have our delicious CAMPESINA with baby arugula, golden and red beet, toasted pecan, caramelized pear, black-peppered goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette; our CAZERA with romaine, mixed greens, applewood-smoked bacon, red onion, heirloom grape tomato, roasted corn, avocado vinaigrette, queso oaxaca, and tortilla strips; and our HOLLYWOOD COBB with romaine, mixed greens, applewood-smoked bacon, egg, avocado, heirloom grape tomato, tortilla strip, and jalapeño ranch. And don’t forget you can add pollo, camarón, asada, salmon, or atún to any salad!



There’s nothing better than a cold drink when it’s so hot outside. When you stop in to Mesero today, you can choose from our awesome Drink Menu with options like THE ORIGINAL with herradura “el jimador” (either frozen or on the rocks), our MESERITA with herradura silver, cointreau, citrus, THE BRANDON (frozen original, fresh mango – strawberry purée, sangria), our BERRY STREET (frozen original, house-made blueberry purée liquor), our LA CHINGONA with montelobos mezcal, cointreau, ancho reyes, citrus, and chile morita, or a awesome FROZÉ (frozen rosé, vodka, licor).


Stop in today and cool down with Mesero!                                                                           

Mother’s Day Brunch Guide at Mesero

Mesero-35 copy.jpg

While we can all get behind finding ways to celebrate Mother’s each and every day, a holiday dedicated to expressing the appreciation we have for the moms in our lives is one we really appreciate! What could be more meaningful to the mom (or moms!) in your life than spending some quality time together? Our brunch guide is perfect for those wishing to celebrate Mother’s Day, Mesero style. Come in and see us this Sunday, May 12 and be sure to bring mom along. 

Mom-Approved Cocktails

First things first, cocktails! Mom will have the option of choosing between a Mesero Mimosa, our fresh Bloody Mary, or Sangre Real. While we’re fans of all three – we’re especially partial to Sangre Real. Made with milagro, reposado, Cointreau, blood orange, and a hint of ginger – it’s absolutely incredible. 

 Mesero Specials

For mom’s looking for a dish that’s especially ‘Mesero’ – we’ve got you covered! Opt for our huevoes mesero and you’ll be delighted with two sunny-side up eggs, tomato, jalapeno, queso chuahua, mesero papitas and black beans. Alternatively, the Mesero Scramble is another favorite staple and just a tad bit more hearty. Served with three eggs, cheddar, chive, tomato, jalapeno, chorizo, brisket or bacon, papitas and black beans. 

Keep it Basic

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it basic at brunch! Ordering our French toast is sure to satisfy mom’s sweet tooth! Our avocado toast is next level, made with open-faced multi-grain bread, it comes with mashed avocado, tomato, egg slices, spinach, aioli and roxi salad. Need we say more? 

Not only will mom appreciate the top-notch libations and the brunch we’re serving – she’ll love the warm and festive atmosphere at Mesero. We can’t wait to see you all as we celebrate one of our favorite holidays of the year! 

Five Days Until Cinco de Mayo!


We’ve been very busy at Mesero getting ready for a favorite holiday of ours that’s just around the corner, Cinco de Mayo! Will you be joining us on the bid day to bite of the best Tex-Mex food in Dallas and a sip of a world class margarita or two? Before we kick off the celebrating in just a few days, let’s take a moment to consider what this big holiday really celebrates. Considered the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s military victory over French forces in the year 1862. It serves as the perfect opportunity to celebrate and appreciate Mexican heritage. What better place to celebrate this notable holiday than Mesero, a restaurant that truly embodies its slogan – Mexican Spirit, American Life!

Festive Atmosphere

You likely know that our atmosphere is quite festive on just about any day, but we take it to the next level when getting into the holiday spirit. Our bartenders will be shaking up a wide range of cocktails while our meseros serve up mouthwatering comida from our carefully crafted menu.

Tex Mex Food

One thing’s for sure, whether your order lands on the Tex Mex side of the menu or the American side of the menu, every single dish of ours is brimming with unique flavors and created using only the freshest of ingredients. You can’t go wrong with an order of camaron tacos, made with sautéed garlic shrimp, roasted poblano, onion, chile aioli, slaw, and white rice. Indulge in any one of Mesero’s (equally delicious) five different enchilada options, each of them served up with two enchiladas and a generous helping of rice. The verdes chicken enchiladas, topped with a fresh tomatillo sauce and plenty of cheese are melt in your mouth good. Wash it all down with the renowned micorita, a margarita crafted with El Jimador Reposado either on the rocks or frozen.

The countdown is on – we’ll be sure to look for you at Mesero on Cinco de Mayo!

4 Essential Ingredients to Hosting the Perfect Event

Mesero Clearfork-9 copy.jpg

The experienced team here at Mesero knows a thing or two about putting on a special event. That’s why we’re taking a minute to share what we consider to be the 4 essential ingredients to planning a memorable special event! 

Fun Atmosphere 

Atmosphere is undoubtedly one of the first things your guests will pick up on upon arrival to your special event. A fun and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect way to kick off your event and make any introductions seamlessly. 

Fresh Libations 

After welcoming guests to a special event, refreshments are next on the list. Having a range of fresh libations at the ready ensures that you’re meeting the varying needs of all of your guests, while not making any assumption that everyone wishes to indulge in alcoholic beverages! 

Quality Food 

Having mouthwatering food for your guests to munch on throughout the duration of your event is essential! Especially if libations are involved, you want to be sure to have plenty of sustenance on hand to keep everyone satisfied. Taking care of the food aspect of a special event doesn’t just entail sufficient quantities, it also means quality food! At Mesero that means using only the freshest ingredients available to hand-craft mouthwatering food that guests will remember for ages. 

Committed Service 

Having dedicated service is truly one of the most essential ingredients for any special event, regardless of the occasion. A service team that’s committed to excellence and to ensure the needs of you and your guests are met is invaluable. No one wants their guests having to track down a server or issue reminders for cocktail orders. 


Would you believe us if we told you that all of the ingredients we’ve identified as being essential to hosting the perfect event are presented at Mesero? If you’re ready to plan your next special event and want to ensure it goes off without a hitch, call us at the line for your location today! 

Celebrate National Beer Day With Us

Beers Mesero.jpg

If there’s one thing we appreciate on a hot Dallas day, it’s the refreshing impact of an ice cold cerveza! What better day to take a moment and appreciate all that the cold brews the Mesero bar has to offer than National Beer Day? Whether you recognize April 7 as a holiday or not, we hope you’ll come in and enjoy a cold one at Mesero. As you may know, our mantra, is “Mexican Spirit American Life” so naturally we have beers represented from both countries!

Mexican Beers

Whether you’re in the mood for a flavored pilsner or a munich dunkel style lager, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of favorite beers imported from Mexico including Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Victoria, and XX Lager. After one sip of Negra Modelo, you won’t be surprised that it’s one of the best (if not thebest) selling dark beer in all of Mexico! Dare we say it? All four of these beers serve as the perfect primer to enjoying some chilled, high quality tequila.  

Seasonal and Locally Crafted 

Given that we live in a state so established in the craft brew industry, naturally we have seasonal and craft brews available for you. These vary quite frequently so be sure to ask your mesero what we have when you come in. 

American Beers 

As light and refreshing as ever, you can always keep it classic and order a Bud Light. We also have Michelob Ultra available, a light lager style brew. Prefer something with no alcohol but you’d still like to get in the spirit with friends and family? Opt for Beck’s non-alcoholic. 

Not quite sure what beer you’d like to sip on in celebration of National Beer Day? Ask your mesero! They will undoubtedly have a top-notch idea.

Welcome Spring’s Arrival at Mesero

Mesero Clearfork.jpg

With temperatures climbing into the 70’s and 80’s, it’s safe to say that we’re thrilled to officially welcome the arrival of Spring! Take advantage of the open air patio seating to soak in the sun while feeling the warm breeze. While you’re here, enjoy some of the fresh dishes and cocktails that serve as a perfect complement to one of our favorite seasons. 

An Ode to Fresh 

Nothing speaks to freshness quite as much as a perfectly ripe avocado made into some mouthwatering guacamole. Try our two famous variations on this appetizer favorite, each option as fresh as the other. Our clasico guacamole features avocado, fresh lime juice, habanero pepper, cilantro, and sweet red onion. The tipico keeps thing simple but no less delicious with avocado, lime, and sea salt. Need something with a bit more substance? Opt for the shrimp ceviche! Either appetizer serves as the perfect lead in to one of our nutritious ensalada options. Try the flavor-packed campesina, featuring black-peppered goat cheese, golden and red beets, toasted pecan, and caramelized pears with plenty of baby arugula. For an option that’s equally parts savory and sweet, order our baby kale salad. Available as a lunch portion as well, our salmon a la planche is a dish you’re likely to dream about. With the patagonian salmon served blackened, it comes with plenty of roasted vegetables and arroz blanco.  

Fresh Libations

Finding a libation that will serve as the perfect complement to your fresh Spring meal won’t be hard to do with a drink menu as extensive as ours. Whether you’d prefer an ice-cold brew, a glass of your favorite wine, or a handcrafted cocktail, you’ll find it at Mesero. 

Visit any one of our locations to welcome the arrival of spring, Mesero style. 

Sip on Perfección

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 7.37.52 AM.png

A margarita with a name like Perfección must be incredibly special to live up to its name. Though we love it for all the unique elements it packs into a margarita, we encourage you not to take our word for it. Come see us at Mesero to sip on perfección and find out for yourself what all the hype is about.

What Makes it Perfección?

We created the La Perfección Margarita in celebration of one of our favorite holidays – National Margarita Day! When crafting a cocktail to celebrate the big day we knew we had to create a truly special margarita, one unlike any of those we already carry. The product of putting our heads together creatively was La Perfección! What makes it so special you ask? It’s crafted with hand-selected tequila, Cointreau, plenty of fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice, volcanic salt, and a touch of gold. Yes – you read those last two ingredients right. Part of what makes the La Perfección Margarita so unique is our use of volcanic salt and gold.  

A Cocktail Menu Embodying Perfection

If the La Perfección Margarita sounds like just a bit too much for you to handle right now, we like to think that just about each of the cocktails on our carefully crafted cocktail menu is perfect in its own way. For those looking for something more simple without comprising depth of taste, consider our Sangria La Flor. Made with brandy, orange citrus, and pinot noir, it’s bold yet refreshing. Are your taste buds craving something on the sweet side? You can’t go wrong with the Berry Street, it’s a frozen margarita made with blueberry puree liquor (that we made in-house, of course)!

Regardless of how you define libation perfection and which of our five locations you visit us at, you’ll have an opportunity to sip on perfección.